Apache Dropout
This week, we're checking out records from The Lostines, Tomutonttu, Negative Gemini, Snail Mail, Katie Dey, David Nance, Matthew Urango, and Tim Presley!
Overnight Sensation is "the best radio show you're not listening to." (Radio Life News, Jan. 2011), and this week's episode is no exception! First set is gentle pop sounds from around the world, second set gets a little droney/noisy, third set is all rollicking folk, c&w, and rock and roll! Featuring hits from Takeshi Terauchi, Scientist, Ken Seeno, Alastair Galbraith, Apache Dropout and SO MANY MORE! Only one show on BTR can give you all of that! Overnight Sensation is that show...
This week, we continue our world-famous "end of the year" "best of 2013" countdown show! I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it!!
It's a slow fall week here at BTR, so I'm giving you a slooooow falllllll set of mostly folky acoustic tunes. Enjoy! And don't EVER forget to follow us (BTR) on Pinterest and Tumblr. Even if you're not even on them, sign up just so you can follow us! Got it??
The Rock Show... WITH ATTITUDE!
All of the hottest new bands are currently available to listen to on Overnight Sensation. These bands are sweeping the nation and burning up the charts, and they're ONLY on BTR.