Angel Olsen. Ava Luna. Markaria Rho. Alex G. Kiasmos. Jesse Futerman. Star Rover. Lee (Asano+Ryuhei). Doss. Knxwledge. And more...
Wow! This week's show comes at you live from New Yoik City, as our intrepid pair are there on Holiday. What mischief will they get up to? What adventures will they relay to us in stereo on the airwaves?
Silk Rhodes. Ladada. Ty Segall. Antibalas. Slow Magic. Lindsay Lowend. Bill Callahan. Bugseed. Kiasmos. And more...
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Wow! This week we have more from the brand new Budos Band LP, plus haunting melodies from the likes of Apple & The Three Oranges, Cherry Boop & The Sound Makers, Marlboro Men, and we kick things off with our favourite ginger ball of trouble, Shirley Temple. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you? How will it all turn out???
DJ Wynn plays tracks from the new The Budos Band record, Burnt Offering, and celebrates the occasion with other afro-soul tracks from Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Antibalas, and Manu Dibango.
Wow! It's quite an education show today, and in places, almost autobiographical. "But Mr Jason!" I hear you say, "You didn't write any of the songs, so how can it be autobiographical?". Well, that shows what YOU know, cos I DID write one of the songs! So there! OK, it's probably the weakest song in the show, but I'm doin' my best!
This Worldwide Hour is dedicated to the memory of Michael Brown.
Wow! What a cracking show we've prepared for you today. There's more from the new Shaolin Afronauts LP for starters, plus the new Antibalas single, and goodness knows (I know) how many classics that you may or may not have heard before. Amazing. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Mr. Twin Sister. Ovlov. The Wavelengths. Shunya. Lewis. Geotic. La Luz. Spider Bags. Dan Melchior. Octo Octa. And more...
Geotic. Spoon. Warpaint. OBN IIIs. White Fence. Timber Timbre. The Wavelengths. Lusine. Nils Frahm. And more...
Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from Spoon, Antibalas and TunaBunny (with a special assist from Becca the BTR Intern!)
DJ Wynn had a special moment at the beach this summer and shares it with you, along with music from Charles Bradley, Childish Gambino, KOOL A.D., and Angel Haze.
DJ Wynn offers up new music from How To Dress Well, advice from Andrew W.K., and news on an upcoming musical created by Anand Wilder (of Yeasayer) and Maxwell Kardon.
Curtis Harding. Downtown Boys. Stanley Ipkuss. Royal Trux. Brend. Pet Cemetery. Bad Cs. Sharon Van Etten. Flesh Wounds. And more...
Wow! This week's show is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and genres, featuring all the classics, from Shirley Temple, all the way through to Lalo Shifrin, passing via various sights and sounds on the way. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
DJ Wynn slips on new music from Fenster, New Bums, Saintseneca, and Quilt.