Sunday with DJ Drew - 2012 Recap
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Mouse On Tha Track. Heems. Blue Hawaii. Toro Y Moi. Holy Other. Four Tet. Black Moon. Tame Impala. Black Gum. Antibalas. of Montreal. Panda Bear. ASPE. Earl Sweatshirt. And more...
This week, Mr Jason brings you something old (himself), something new (his haircut), something borrowed (most of his jokes), and something blue (most of his jokes), yet somehow he still manages to find time to be debonaire, dashing, and debonaire. Oh, I already said debonaire.. Hmm, what else.. Deelovely? Can he kick it? Let's Radio And See!
It's a Holiday Party on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with family, food and getting fat! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
It's Dirty Week on BTR! Is one political party 'dirtier' than the other? Also, more with professional dominatrix, Mistress T.
What's new in Downtown & Brooklyn? Well, you'll just have to 'tune in' to find out... ;)
It's Underestimated Week on BTR and this week's Third Eye Weekly episode is chuck full of underestimated music and poems. Featured guests on today's show include Joyce Boone, a 45-year-old home healthcare aide that's made quite the name for herself in the New York tri-state area arm wrestling community. And later, BTR's Mark Falanga brings us his interview with Dan Bryndle, a business development manager for VPC Fiberglass, a company scoring record profits in the advent of record cast iron manhole cover theft
The Good Doctor Patel is away on his rounds, spreading miss bedside manner as thinly as time will allow. He's left Mr Jason all on his lonesome, to feed you some tasty funk & soul morsels, and hopefully this solo flight won't disappoint. Let's Radio And See!
This week's Worldwide Hour tries to extend the Summer, no matter what the calendar says! Listen to music from Franklin Boukaka, Billy Larkin, Ceu, and Antibalas
Boy! And girl! Do we (I) have a show for you this week! I'll have to check the itinirararary, but I'm faaaairly sure we do. "Doctor Patel, do we have a show today". "No, the show was eaten by a monkey called "Ivan" that was estranged from his family." Oh, well, in the place of the show, here's another show.. Also new, and also featuring the soothing tones of Messrs Jason & Patel. Let's Radio And See!
New music from Antibalas, Ombre, and Staff Benda Bilili
Latola has fun with bike samples for Bike Week. Then, after discussing the haps on BTR today, he plays a conversation he recorded with our new Discovery Artist this week, Night Panther. And apropos bike music (of course).
Have you ever even been to Downtown & Brooklyn? If not, you're surely missing out... suckers.
AUGUST 23, 2012. Music.
Latola talks about the most watched videos on YouTube, ever. Also, he breaks down the haps on the BTR New Economy today. Plus, words on Dan Deacon, Spider Bags, and an upcoming trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (with possible bear attacks)
New music from Cat Power (including a even better remix from Nicolas Jaar), Kool A.D., Lawrence Arabia, and Dirty Projectors
Boy! And girl! Do we (I) have a show for you this week! Yes. The answer is yes. Dr Patel is back,, with his healing hands, and his bedside manner. And better than that, it's his BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, all day! So, I let the good Doctor pick most of the tracks today, with a little guidance from my helpful/wandering hand.. Let's Radio And See!
What's Good Ya'll... It's Friday, NEw episode of The Rock Show ../. LET'/S GO!
It's the second to last day of the 2012 Olympics! I'm so sad! What will I do when they're done? Good thing there's a ton of amazing new music on the show to cheer me up. Check out tracks from Grizzly Bear, Antibalas, and this week's "Discovery Artist," Hard Proof. And don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter!
Night Panther. Tony Touch. Spectral Park. Ava Luna. Petite Noir. Austra. Alligator Indian. Peaches. Stagnant Pools. Ape School. Holy Other. Bill Callahan. The Antlers. Conveyor. Ormonde. Hudson Mohawke. And more...
Grizzly Bear. Stagnant Pools. Dead Man's Bones/ Sleepwalker. That Ghost. Antibalas. Tony Touch. Arabian Prince. Dustin Wong. Shy Kids. Budos Band. Peaking Lights. And more...
Audio fun with advertising. Hilarious commercials from Latola's FM past. And more talk of new music (Sweet Valley, Stagnant Pools, Rob Zombie?) out this week.
Branding is serious business. And so is the fat crop of new albums out this week, Latola breaks them down.
Your Top 10 Countdown on BreakThru Radio!
Today's show is dedicated to the memory of Ugonna Igweatu
Where are all these crazy rockin' sounds even coming from? I'm not sure but I'm Lovin' It!
What's up my bunnies! Well, it's Dr Patel and The Jayman of course, and they're only ever up to no good, that's for sure. But, this week, they have a "Tramp Records Special", so there's no way it can be any less than funk & soul gold, right? Don't worry listener, I'm sure they'll find some way to ruin proceedings in style.. Let's Radio And See!
This mix features new music from Debo Band, an Ethio-Jazz outfit that celebrates the genre and fits nicely beside tracks from the Golden Age
Your Tuesday mix is ready to go! Get ready for 90-minutes of music with DJ Emily!
Where are we going on today's Downtown and Brooklyn? I thought we'd start Downtown, then head to Brooklyn...
Sunday's With DJ Drew here on BTR
Do you love the new Dirty Projectors? Do you hate it? Probably you don't if you're listening to BTR, but either way I'm playing two of their new tracks on the show today! And that's not even the most exciting thing! We've got a track from Jay Reatard's old old band, Lost Sounds, and some brand new Hot Panda coming you way. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates!
Put on your dancing shoes!
Hey Hey Hey! It's some monkeys! Run! No, seriously! They're really angry, and they're ripping up the furniture! Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it now. We might as well settle down into the Funk & Soul couch, and summon up a show for you. Will it work? Let's Radio And See!
Yung Life. Antibalas. Micachu. Ava Luna. Night Panther. Diiv. Shabazz Palaces. Spanish Prisoners. Balam Acab. Richard Swift. Levek. Ghostpoet. And more...
This week, Mr Jason comes at you from the other side of the Atlantic. He's on his Summer Holiday, but will his relaxed condition (OK, he's hungover.. Happy now!?) make for excellent radio? Well, there's only one way to find out. Let us radio and see..
Himanshu. Julian Lynch. Toro y Moi. Holy Other. CFCF. Widowspeak. Gang Gang Dance. Matthew Dear. Toro Y Moi. Mogwai. Antibalas too...