Andreas Tilliander
Another awesome show!!! This week we feature new tracks from Tilliander, Taylor Deupree, Prince of Denmark and always more! So let's get it, this is the glitch//idm show~
This week on the show we are gonna get a little odd.
Hey duders! Ok, so the show this week is pretty light and bouncy. I figured you wouldn't want anything super intense because this is already going to be an intense week for most of us in the USA! So instead we're just gonna pour love and hope through the speakers, and out into the multiverse... let's go+ Glitch/IDMMMmmm
Feeling so hot this week! And to reflect that, we have a big bouncy show for you/// So this one, at times, feels like the songs are melting away, and at other times will be a head-knoddin' extravaganza of Summer love. So saddle up! It's the Glitch/DM showwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -ed-
Feeling that Rocky Mountain High this week!!! So the show this week is coming to you from the Colorado Rockies, and we're going big just like the mountains... So come along and get all up in that! Glitch/DM -ed-
Cold as ice this week... So on this show we are going to be pumping out the background, mind-melting jams. Nothing too intense, just some cool vibey stuff. So please enjoy! Glitch/DM -ed-