Andrea Gibson
It's Inspired Week on BTR! On today's show, the brains behind Wing Ma'am, a dating app for lesbians and LGBT women. And later, the story of a West African business student with the voice of an opera singer.
It's Fitness Week at BTR! On today's show, Stephanie McDuffie Freeman talks about her journey from near paralysis to running the Boston Marathon this spring, dietician Carrie Gabriel shares some tips to help lazy slobs (like Matt) start eating healthy, and pole dancing champion/artiste Danielle Romano expands on the nearly endless possibilities within this young, though somewhat controversial, artform. Plus, more of DJ Marie's conversation with Olympic hopeful Lauren Fleshman from this week's Sew & Tell podcast on BTR.
It's Touring Week on BTR! First up, DJ J Dayz reflects on his time in Warped Tour. And after the promotional air raid, more with ultramarathoner Charlie Engle about his fifth place finish in the Badwater 2013 race after serving three years in federal prison.
It's Specialization Week on BTR, and we're exploring highly-specialized entrepreneurs.
It’s Free Week on BTR!
For Winning Week on BTR, we bring you an in-depth conversation with Marcia Rock and Patricia Lee Stotter, the filmmakers behind a new documentary called Service: When Women Come Marching Home. The film explores post-traumatic stress syndrome, military sexual trauma, homelessness, and other issues facing military service women.