Hey all! Amazingly chilled show this week, featuring tracks from Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Onra and always more. So let's get into it, this the glitch//idm show.
On this week's show the music jumps around a bit, but in a nice flowing way... Perfect for getting things done around the house or mapping out your destiny? Other than that we'll discuss the importance of experiencing, routine-breaking, and future memories past. So get on up and let's do this thing!!!
Feelin' that SUN this week!
Pretty awesome this week! I'm coming off a weird night of headaches and no sleep, so this show is kind of strange... But you may not even notice the difference! So let's doooooo it. glitch.idm -+-ed-+-
6 Years Old Today!!! Oh yeah baby... feeling the love and staying-power of music for nerds. So thank you all for being with us this long, and feeling the raw emotion each week. Alright, let's get it/// glitch.idm @@@ed@@@