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With a new year just around the corner, I’m taking this opportunity to look back at 2014 on Sew & Tell. This week’s show is my annual year-end highlight show, featuring just a few of the incredible guests who have contributed to this year’s engaging fashion coverage. You’ll hear clips from my conversations with: Lisa Padovani, costume designer for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire; Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman, a young husband and wife in Seattle who have adopted a “Victorian lifestyle,” complete with historically accurate clothing (including corsets!); Kara Eschbach, co-founder of Verily, a women’s lifestyle publication with a firm no-Photoshop policy; and documentarians Ismail Ferdous and Nathan Fitch, co-founders of Cost of Fashion, who covered the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse. It’s a great, but by no means exhaustive, cross-section of guests from 2014, and I hope you’ll also take some time to check out the links to other highlight shows from the past year that I’ve provided on today’s playlist page. I’m also featuring music highlights from the past year – you’ll hear my favorite tracks from my favorite 2014 albums on today’s show. So join me as I look back at a year full of fashion, here on BreakThru Radio…
This week we chat with Jade Haag, author behind Feminist Snow White, about feminism and fairy tales.
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DJ Wynn has crafted an electronic set to get you energized to put on three layers of clothing to step outside. Featuring music from Hudson Mohawke, Tomas Barfod, Rustie, Danny Brown, and Caribou.
This is a special edition of The Thursday Mix. All Female Artists!!
Some rock music, some non-rock music, but whaddya expect?? It’s The Rock Show on BTR!
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This week on BTR is dedicated to one of my other passions: cooking! (And, of course, eating…) Food + fashion go hand in hand for many reasons, and no one knows that better than this week’s guest, chef-turned-designer Alex McCrery. After more than 17 years working in the food industry, Alex became dissatisfied with the frumpy uniform options available to professional chefs. His personal frustration led to research, which ultimately led to the creation of a new, uniquely stylish label of cooking garments called Tilit Chef Goods. On today’s show, Alex talks about his Southern-meets-Italian cooking background, what led to the launch of Tilit, the aesthetic he aims to offer through the label, a few of his own fashion and food favorites, and more. Plus, a decadent playlist of tracks including a song off the brand new album from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer, along with music from Tijuana Panthers, Arc Iris, and New Orleans’ Generationals. So grab your cast iron pan and follow a new recipe for fashion, with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
If we have to start bundling up indoors, we’re gonna do it with new music from Lowell, Electric Youth, Sloan, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, and Hiss Golden Messanger.
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This week we kill the camping craving with where to go, what to bring, hanging tents, and staying safe, plus get local eyes on Yosemite National Park!
Oh my GOOOOOD! It’s the Rock Show’s Five Year Anniversary Celebration! I’m so excited!! Please congratulate me now! Here’s to FIVE MORE YEARS!!
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Classic episode today. First set rocks, second set rolls! Featuring hits from Twerps, Robyn Hitchcock, Coachwhips, and more!
Thursday Mix. 8/28/14.
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It’s Hero Week on BTR! For today’s Sew & Tell, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the world of superhero fashion: joining me is Alan Kistler, author, historian, and expert on comic book and sci fi character evolution. In addition to writing and contributing to several books, Alan delivers a weekly comic/sci-fi entertainment news podcast called “Crazy Sexy Geeks,” and writes “Agents of S.T.Y.L.E.,” a regular column featured on The Mary Sue that examines the fashion and design evolution of superheroes, villains, and sci fi characters. On today’s show, Alan shares his picks for Most Stylish Superheroes, some of the problems behind the industry’s lack of female protagonists, and his opinions on the recently-released, controversial new costume for Wonder Woman as portrayed in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. Plus, a funky playlist featuring a freak folk set with music from The Amazing Snakeheads, Castanets and Joel Jerome, along with new releases from Orenda Fink, Bishop Allen, and more. So tune in for a Friday of heroic fashion, here on BreakThru Radio!
The Underachievers. Shunya. My Bloody Valentine. The Unicorns. Ricky Eat Acid. Castanets. Ava Luna. Doss. And more…
This week we chat with Thomas Lukaitis about all things in Australian music!
It’s Hero Week on BTR! On today’s show, we’re celebrating banned books and the brave American bookstores who sell them. And later, Molly Freeman of the Hash podcast on BTR talks about Marvel’s awesome job of bringing better representation to comic books.
The Thursday mix for August 14, 2014!
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The future of fashion is closely intertwined with the future of technology, and one of the biggest innovations of the last five years has been the introduction of 3D printing into fashion’s production process. Aaron Rowley is the co-founder of Electroloom, a new 3D printing company based in San Francisco that’s working to make desktop garment design and output a reality. On today’s show, Aaron will share about the company’s inception, the printed prototypes that their team is currently working on, how the Electroloom printer differs from traditional 3D printer models, the future possibilities of Electroloom, and more. And I’ve got a playlist chock full of new music today, featuring a brand new single from Galway garage pop band So Cow, Dublin’s The Might Stef, North Carolina duo The Rosebuds, Seattle’s Lusine, and Toronto’s beach pop group Alvvays. So join us now for a look at the future of fashion, on BreakThru Radio!
Hoo boy, we’re really rockin’ now!
This week on Biology of the Blog musician Parker Goubert teaches us guitar with Strum By Strum!
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This week on the show we go from garage rock to electronic to punk rock to sweet sweet folk.  You want it, we’ve got it.  Plus, remember to check out BTR on social media like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
I don’t just like to ROCK… I LOVE TO ROCK!
The Thursday Mix for July 31, 2014
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Today I talk about, read interview excerpts with and play music from Hooray For Earth, Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon and Alvvays
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Covers from Anna Calvi, flashbacks from The Relatives, and sly looks from Alvvays. All of this and much more on Monday’s Mix with DJ Wynn.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This week, The Hash covers ‘Married at First Sight,’ Facebook and today’s teens, and an ignorant Vine that went viral.
This week on the show there were so many good new garage-type bands dropping records! The Real Kids! Alvvays! Spider Bags! White Fence! Monomyth! I loved it! It was easy to put together a very fun show for you today, so whether you’re at the beach or BBQing in your own back yard, this is a great playlist to put on for your Saturday. And don’t forget come Monday, when you’re slumped over your computer again trying to distract yourself at work, BTR has a TON of amazing videos and articles for you to check out! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram for all of the latest!
I absolutely love talking with fashion historians. Maybe (definitely) it’s because I’m a nerd, but it’s also because they are able to place fashion and style within a broader cultural context, lending insight into trends and hallmark moments. So for this week’s Icon show, who better to speak with than an American fashion historian? Beth Dincuff is Curator of the Parsons Fashion Archive and an assistant professor, whose work focuses on 21st Century American fashion. Prior to her role at Parsons, Beth managed the archives at Calvin Klein, where she worked with a team to preserve and document the designs, colors, and textiles from the fashion house. On today’s show, join us as Beth shares some iconic moments from American fashion history, including the legacy of Calvin Klein, the influence of Saks Fifth Avenue’s Sophie Gimbel, and some of the First Ladies who have shaped our sense of style. Plus, a great playlist of new tracks including material off the debut of Canada’s Alvvays, more from Christopher Denny’s upcoming release, a song from The Real Kids’ first new record in over twenty years, and more! So join us for some seriously stylish summer school with a lesson in icons on BreakThru Radio!
Well, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about it lately. I think that… I LOVE TO ROCK!