NEW VIBES SPECIAL: These are all the best tracks that were released in 2016. Out of the shit that was 2016 grew magnificent talent. Get ready to be OBSESSED w/ this playlist!
Part 1 of my BEST OF 2016 series. Tune into hear some of my favorite artists, albums and tunes from the year.
The Jaunt for the very first Thursday in November will feature artists from Zurich, Switzerland. You'll also hear new tunes from Cosmonauts, Real Numbers, Terry Malts, Naked Giants and more! Stay tuned!
Well, here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for-- It's the FINAL episode of the ROCK SHOW on BTRtoday! After this week, you will never hear a new episode of this show ever again! But fear not, because there are several hundred great episodes for you to listen to in the archives! If you listened to one per day, it would take you a full YEAR to hear them all. So, fear not, for DJ Patrick K will be with you... always. Goodbye forever!        
DJ Drew's Sunday show Dealer's Choice with a killer double shot from Holy Sons, The Faint, Elephant Stone & Madeira on BTR
Here we go, another episode of the ROCK Show. And you better believe it's a rockin' one! New tunes from bands PURLING HISS, EZTV, and INFINITY CRUSH ensure this.      
It's Friday! Two hours of indie tunes should get your through those last few hours before the weekend hits. DJ Emily is throwing in an all-female set at the end of the show. Check it out and enjoy!
New music on The Jaunt today courtesy of Crying, Hiss Golden Messenger, Helado Negro and more! New music on The Jaunt today courtesy of Hiss Golden Messenger, Crying and Helado Negro!
DJ Emily has packed two hours of tunes into a nice little package for you today! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Want to hear some great new music? You've come to the right place. This is BTR's Top 10 countdown bringing you the best of the best new releases that all of our expert DJs have been playing. There is a brand new number one artist this week and you're gonna want to hear it.
DJ Emily is new to Fridays and excited to bring you two hours of tunes. Today's mix starts off with some old-school BTR tracks (kicking it all the way back to 2009 and 2010) and rounding things out with all of the best of the best new tracks on BTR.
Let's go on a tryst with DJ Emily this Tuesday. Delve into two hours of music. This episode includes a special all-female set to round things out.
The best of the best new tunes on BTR! We've got a brand new number one artist this week. Check it out and get you indie music fix this Monday with DJ Emily.
A hilarious debut novel about a wealthy but fractured Chinese immigrant family that had it all, only to lose every last cent – and about the road trip they take across America that binds them back together.
The Jaunt for the very last Thursday in September features new music from Sat. Nite Duets, Computer Magic, Ryan Michael Block and more. Stay tuned!
The Listening Booth has a Dylan esc alt from Allah-Las & info on a neat repurposed venue in OR. Plus, blues, punk, & electro on BTRToday!
The best of the best on BTR. Check out this countdown and get up to date on all the top new indie releases we are playing on our site!
Pyschic Twin, Flock of Dimes, Hillary Susz and Y La Bamba hit the double shot block hard on DJ Drew's Dealer's Choice on BTR
Lots of killer new stuff here at BTR this week. You can't deny it, I don't really know why you're trying to deny it... ANYWAY, check out these new hits from Allah-Las, Preoccupations, Flock of Dimes, and many many more.      
New release from Cass McCombs, of Montreal, Thee Oh Sees and more! See where they fall on our Top 10 Countdown!
Tons of incredible female artists all packed into one show. Ladies Skate Only is ready to go and features a special artist spotlight on Hillary Susz.
Whoop! This is a great week for new music here a BTRtoday, especially on THE ROCK SHOW! We've got the latest hits from bands like NOTS, THE ALLAH-LAS, PREOCCUPATIONS, and just so many more it's almost impossible to even count them all up, even if you wanted to! You couldn't do it! Go ahead, I dare you try. Sound off in the comments!      
The Jaunt for Thursday, September 15th will feature some new artists from Boulder, Colorado. You'll also hear fresh tracks from Teenage Fanclub, Allah-Las, Y La Bamba and more!
Today I talk about and play music from Nots and Allah Las
Full double shot show of all new music, hand picked by the dealer himself; DJ Drew on his Dealer's Choice show on BTR
Female-fronted folk from Orenda Fink to Maria Taylor, plus exciting new tracks from the Allah-Las and Nots, and more on the show today!
The Jaunt is a mix of the latest album releases and newest artists from cities big and small around the globe. On today's episode, you'll be hearing brand new songs from Japanese Breakfast, Kendra Lou, The Everymen and more. Plus I'll be featuring artists from places like Barcelona, Spain, Liverpool, England, and Tuscon, Arizona.