Alfred Brown
May 3. Man, I like May. I do. I like music, too.
There's a new Here We Go Magic album!  That is a wonderful, weird, American thing that we are going to celebrate today!  Also, it's the start of May!  It's time for May flowers and it's time for weird tunes, right here on BTR!
Twin Cabins. Chester Endersby Gwazda. CFCF. Destroyer. TV Girl. Mount Kimbie. Alligator Indian. Patrick Watson. Major Lazer. Alfred Brown. Mountain Man. And more...
Summer is such a great time to find your new favorite song, and as the days get warmer and warmer, we've got to figure out who's in contention for 2012's favorite!  We've got lots of great candidates on the show today, so check it out and maybe you'll find your new go-to warm weather jam.  And, don't forget to find BTR on Facebook and Twitter.