Al Lover
Well folks, it’s been a fun ride. For nearly the past decade, I’ve been bringing you the best of the San Francisco Bay Area’s live music scene every month here on Bay Area Live. I’m sad to announce this is the final installment of this illustrious, groundbreaking program. Who better to send us off than the one and only Al Lover, master of psych drone and trippy ass beats? We’ll also hear a few tunes from LA-based Americana band Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light. It’s been fun, BTR fans. Cheers!
New music from White Cloud, Li Xi, and a live remix of Al Lover’s “Sacred Drugs” right here on BreakThruRadio—the perfect thing to keep you warm during Snowmageddon 2015.
There’s a great show going down on December 3 at Brick & Mortar Music Hall featuring three bands who have just put out new albums, all of which are some of my favorite albums of the year: Li Xi, Al Lover, and BPos. I couldn’t wait until December 3, though, right? So I put this show together instead.
In celebration of his forthcoming new album, Al Lover gets a spin on the program this week. Also a new band called WHALESOUNDZ, comprised of members of Il Gato and Adios Amigo, because I just can’t get enough of these guys.
It’s gets pretty trippy on Bay Area Live this month, with sets from Al Lover and Fryborg, both purveyors of electronic psychedelia in their own particular way
This month I have the first live set by San Francisco-via-Asheville, NC producer Al Lover. You've heard him with his band The Haters on this program before, but this is his first solo set, which went down on Jan 6 at Milk Bar. On the other end of the career spectrum, I have the last (at least for now) set by Schande, a San Francisco mainstay. In my decade of living in SF, Schande has been one of the local musical constants. Lead singer/guitarist Jen Schande is moving to London, and to commemorate the moment, the band ripped through this retrospective set.