Aisha Burns
June is African American Music Appreciation Month. Today we will delve into albums from some insanely talented black female artists. While we all continue to fight against oppression and inequality, let’s also support the talented black artists that have forever shaped the music industry.
Today’s show features brand new music from Dire Wolves, Mappe Of, The Myrrors, Laucan, and many more!  
Today’s show includes music from Cass McCombs, Half-Handed Cloud, Juana Molina, and many more!    
Today’s show kicks off with music from Luke Temple’s newest album, A Hand Through the Cellar Door.
Today’s show features music from John Samson, Tara Jane O’Neil, Jess Williamson, and many more!      
Today’s show includes music from Bi Bhiman, Cajun Gems, Bill Callahan, Aisha Burns, and many more!