Electronica via DJ Spen, Charles Stoner, Claude VonStroke! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Achilles, Alfredo Magrini, Iñaky Garcia!
Electronica via BLACK NEON, Miane, Dubdisko, Alexandra Prince, Alessio Cappelli, Edd Blaze help you work towards crushing your goals!
Woo!! Yeah, go ahead. Blame me for more new music on the hip-hop reggaeton tip. Yep, on this mix. All new music. Because over here we break new artists & new music. While those other radio stations play the same ole same and scared to death to take a risk or break anything new. Breakthru Radio we continue to rise to the top doing the un heard of. Check our Facebook home page if you don't know. So let's go!! 2016 looking so bright. Plus I will be traveling alot this year. Coming to your town. See some of ya'll in Tampa next Sunday, Jan 17th with my boy Dj Casper…Let's go..