Aaron Beckum
Happy Days, friends! I'm playing all of my faves from 2020. Tune in.
We're listening to tracks by Buty and the Bass, Dent May, Bebel Gilberto, Merce Lemon, and more!
This week we're talking to Mike Cloward and Carla Sarinana of the Mexico City-based independent label, Devil In The Woods. The label has a fascinating story - dating back to the 80's, with a fresh restart in recent years. We'll hear all about it and check out music from some of their releases in this episode.
Say goodbye to the bad vibes of May, and hello to June where things do a 180 and we are feeling the flow yet again.  Double shots, indie tunes, new stuff! I'm excited, are you?
Two hours of music and random musings. If you have answers to my questions, find me on Twitter.