A Troop Of Echoes
recorded in: Today I read aloud interview excerpts and play music from Ohbliv, Natural Velvet and recent BTR Tune Up Artist A Troop of Echoes 00:00 Latola 04:50 Small Fires - A Troop Of Echoes 10:16 Latola 14:05 Silent Girl - Natural Velvet 22:18 Latola 28:12 Cathedral Street - Natural Velvet 33:47 Latola 36:38 Baby Dear - Natural Velvet 41:28 Latola 44:51 Healing Power - Ohbliv 47:47 Latola 51:24 Involved Tones - Ohbliv 55:26 Latola 56:55 Speeding Towards The Arctic (live on Saturday night) - Zula 64:42 Finish The Longest Year On Record art A Troop Of Echoes live: no shows listed Mindgarden art Ohbliv live: no shows listed Shame art Natural Velvet live: no shows listed press photo Zula live: Aug 7  at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY