A Lot Like Birds
Hanabi has just returned from his ancestral home in Austria where an epic five country father and son spree was had. Hanabi and Hanabi Sr. experienced all the eats that Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France could heave at them. From plate-sized Schnitzels to currywusrt to wild boar steaks this trip had it all!
One of the food trends we love and hope doesn't go away or sucked in and spat out by the casual dining usurpers is the venerable gastropub. Some of our favorites are Brickyard in NYC, The Pourhouse in Sacramento and my personal favorite Father's Office in L.A. If you happen to be in any of these cities, and in the mood for an extensive and lovingly prepared beer list and elevated bar bites I suggest that you listen to the Eatopia trio.
In this edition we wanted to chat about that looming, omnipresent ode to suburban sprawl that is the “casual dining restaurant.” If there is a strip meal nearby, there is sure to be a “casual dining restaurant” involved. Regardless of the regional brand, or “authentic cuisine” they purport to offer, one thing remains the same. These restaurants are no place for the concerned foodie. Or is it? We discuss, and come up with some startling revelations.
Well, Dane is already making it possible for us to be in two places at once. This last weekend Dane takes us to Googa Mooga, a large food and music gathering in Brooklyn. Don't worry because we're jealous too! Dane is also killing it on the Dish + Drink blog on BTR as well. Check out his write up of Googa Mooga and more pics here!
DJ Hanabi's The Cooking Show 2.0 - Burger Issues
On this edition of the show we thought we'd take a little departure from the usual happy go-lucky, super ambitious chefs we normally consort with. We talked with Anson Cyr, a boy and his dog who left the dirty, dirty south of Charleston, South Carolina to seek his fortune in sunny San Francisco. After working his way up the line of some of San Francisco's fancier eateries Anson had an epiphany and realized his future lies in the arts. Listen to Anson's cathartic and cautionary tale.