3PO - Zammuto
Today is December December 12!!!! What a crazy date! And you know what a crazy date means? Crazy music! That's why God Bless Weirdmerica is bringing you the latest and greatest in new weird music. And stay tuned again in two weeks, because I guarantee you we'll be doing an apocalypse show, because what better genre of music within which to explore the apocalypse, right? And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter, and also check out the site to learn how you can win an iPad Mini!
00:00 Mic Break 01:22 Jealous Moon - Sugarman 3 05:12 Pillars - Dinosaur Feathers 09:15 Beach Comber - Real Estate 13:33 Pushing Onlys - Woods 17:04 Open Your Heart - The Men 20:42 Sid - Dirty Fences 23:53 Mic Break 25:38 A Certain Person - Light Asylum 30:00 Saldanha Bay - Pears 33:14 FU C-3PO - Zammuto 36:39 Gotham - Animal Collective 41:50 Make Up Your Mind - Here We Go Magic 45:55 Outer Body Drifter - Black Dice 51:30 Angel Tongue - Light Asylum 58:02 Mic Break 60:21 Undefined - The Hussy 62:55 Finish The Men Jun 04 2012 - Dot to Dot Fest - Manchester, UK Light Asylum Jun 06 2012 - Kampnagel - Hamburg, Germany Jun 07 2012 - Panorama Bar - Berlin, Germany Black Dice Sep 10 2012 - Incuabte Fest - Tilburg, Netherlands Sep 11 2012 - Festaal Kreuzberg - Berlin, Germany
I'm seriously excited for this week's show.  We've got new tracks from Royal Baths and Of Montreal, and old favorites we haven't heard in a long time from Blake Miller and Bowerbirds.  Don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates!
Big news for BTR!  We're becoming BTR Today!  Our new homepage is going to help you more easily discover all of the best music, videos, and writing that BTR has to offer.  And big news for the Saturday show!  Royal Baths has a new album out, and they're one of my favorite bands, so get ready to hear a lot more from them in the coming weeks.  Oh yeah, and there's new Of Montreal, A Place To Bury Strangers, AND Veronica Falls.  It's going to be a very, very good Saturday.
"It's a Rock, and he shows to us-- Rock Show!" - Lenny from Ghostwriter.