This week Sam Roberts of Sam Roberts Band joins us to chat new music, pandemic drive-in concerts, and inspiration.
In this episode, we take a look at Sound The Alarm, Vol. 1: Louder Feelings, a compilation album of political, social justice & protest songs out October 21 from the new LA-based label/collective Pop Can Records. We’ll hear three tracks from the release – including a premiere of the Ill Peach track that opens the album, and speak with label founders/artists Patrick Morrissey and Jesse Schuster, as well as DWY, whose song “Black Boy” was one of the first singles released from the collection.  Beyond that, we’ve got new singles and album tracks from Benjamin Lazar Davis, Sleeping Loops, Coco Reilly, Buck Meek, Pearl Charles, Flowers, Mise En Scene, Grey Factor, Mourn, Bartees Strange, EX OH, and Suuns.
Books and betting markets favor Biden. Can a longshot bet on Trump pay off?
Washington DC, indie pop band Lotion Princess stops by BTR Live Studio for a special At Home Session, recorded and filmed remotely in the backyard at a safe social distance by Mariah Miranda. “In The Summer” by Lotion Princess is available now. Watch our previous video for Lotion Princess’ “In The Summer” and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
We review the major election-related news of the week–and there’s plenty, of course. Plus music from Sad13.
Roughly two weeks from Election Day, Biden has extended his polling lead in key states.
​John Knefel  explains why even the best case scenario for the United States in 2021 is less than ideal.​
A roundup of last week’s vice presidential debate, and Trump keeps releasing videos to try to appeal to seniors. Vice-President Mike Pence posing with members of the Broward County, Florida SWAT team Photo courtesy of White House employee; cropped by Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons
More than 215,000 dead won’t stop the president’s awkward grandpa shuffle.
We chat w/ Roberts about the new album, making music in quarantine, & playing drive-in shows.
Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz returns to BTR Live Studio with her pop-oriented solo project, Sad13, on the occasion of the second album, Haunted Painting. Here, Sadie takes us inside her home studio in Philadelphia, and shares an exclusive solo performance of the song “With Baby.” Haunted Painting is available now from Wax Nine. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
After getting clean, Enzo worked hard to maintain his sobriety with the support of his three pillars — school, the gym, and his relationship.
Juxx Diamondz is a rapper, producer, and director from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Here, he shares an exclusive performance recorded live at his home studio. B.O.D.B. is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Recent Top Artists
Organ solos from JMP and MMB, singer-songwriter ballads from Doug Tuttle and Burnell Pines, and some Grace Jones-inspired disco’esque from The Motet.
Electronica via Rio Dela Duna, Teologen, Praveen, Rhythm Staircase! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Richard F. & RescuePoetix!
Not one, not two, but three! It’s the magic number! All triple shots from some of my favorite recent releases from this crazy summer until today. Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?
Brooklyn-based Composer and woodwind master Peter Hess talks about three of his own albums on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus
Laura Jane Grace’s quarantine stunner, ‘Stay Alive’ is our most played album of the week! Click to hear a track from each of the 10 most played albums on our site.
CMJ is back? Sorta. The Listening Booth has the scarce details for the revamped festival going down next week + CMJ throwbacks & new tunes!