Another crazy one this week!!! Featuring new tracks from Tsone, Actress, Ivy Lab and a ton more! So let’s get it in, right here on the glitch//idm show!!!
Staying home this Thanksgiving? Missing Family? Or, feeling thankful you don’t have to see family and friends? Either way, the BTR staff is here for you to provide some company and the soundtrack.
The Texas Senator’s idiotic meme proves conservatives’ pandemic culture war will never end.
Shamir is Shamir is Shamir. Nothing more really needs to be said. A singular voice and chameleon-like talent across mediums, sliding thru music genres and aesthetics – from pop beginnings to “indie rock Shamir” – he’s been thru it all, and puts his whole heart into every single release. Here, Shamir shares an raw, intimate acoustic performance from his home in Philadelphia. “I Wonder” is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
What’s the point of “saving” American democracy if you’re not willing to protect its fundamental values?
Although the MAGA march that brought thousands to the streets on November 14, 2020 was not successful in garnering support for Donald Trump, John Knefel warns that the far right extremists responsible for the demonstration should not be so easily dismissed.
Melancholy from Seth Walker, Mike Montrey, Ryan Montreau. Plus The Motet and Brother’s Keeper.
A Pandemic check in, a coup check in, and the MAGA march over the weekend. Bruce Westerman getting a COVID-19 test Photo courtesy of United States Congress, Office of Bruce Westerman via Wikimedia Commons  
It’s our second post election show and our first one with results. Joe Biden won! We’ll talk about the wild week that just passed, and what might be to come in the next 2 months. Also, there’s good news from Pfizer about their COVID vaccine! Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons
Mediocre dad rock is hardly Tony Blinken’s biggest red flag
This year dive headfirst into that hard convo w/ your closed-minded family members & use these tunes to fuel your fire.
ICYMI: Musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, plus other music news.
KIN is a London-based atmospheric indie pop trio who blend groovy electronics with sweet guitar riffs. Here, two-thirds of the band (Adam Collier and Grace Strickland de Souza) deliver an intimate, exclusive acoustic performance just as the rain starts to fall. “L.O.V.E.” is the latest single available from KIN. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
After struggling to finish high school, Antonina took a break from her education to work on herself. Despite the lack of support she got at that time, she knew it was the right move for her. Now four years later, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Antonina decided she was ready to attend college and is glad she waited until she was in the right mindset to begin.
Foxanne is a Brooklyn-based musician/band currently holed up in NJ. Here, the duo joins us from their temporary home workspace/studio for a special performance of their space-themed single about the dearly departed Mars rover.
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This year dive headfirst into that hard convo w/ your closed-minded family members & spin these tunes!
This week, it’s like the floodgates have opened and great new music is just pouring out. It’s A LOT. This extra-length episode is jam-packed with music of all sorts of genres, so dive in and find something new to get into!
Electronica via Rusko, Sabb, Gerard Ferreras, Ronski Speed, Rosario Gelati! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Roald Velden, Rob Thomas
Let’s move to the music and dance to the beat. 2020 is almost done and we have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and Holiday season. I’m grateful for the music and for all of you. What are you grateful for?
Tune in for music by Will Bonness, Emily Kuhn, Jorge Perez-Albela (featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni), Dan Fortin, Rebecca Hennessy
Couch Prints take the top spot this week with their new EP! Countdown Debuts: Keaton Henson, Reptaliens, Emmy the Great, and Secret Sun