Bobo Integral is a Madrid-based independent pop label. In this episode, we catch up with the label's founder, Gonzalo Marcos, and check out a huge mix of music from their releases.  
The incredible World War II saga of the Jewish refugees who fought in Britain’s most secretive special-forces unit—but whose story has gone untold until now.
The Fox News host's whining about General Milley's alleged wokeness brought her to an interesting place.
Ballots are being cast in the NYC mayoral race this week, but election results will most likely be unavailable until July. MJ Knefel discusses some of the frontrunners in the race, notable moments, and the use of a ranked choice ballot for the first time in the city’s history.
Past Is PresentBTRtv Revisited

The BTRtv team has had the good fortune to capture impressive performances with plenty of artists over the years. Here's a look back at a few of those that we still think back on often...

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It's hard to let go sometimes, but LOLAA gives you a sweet pop song to help you gather the strength to do so.
Republicans argued against the bill, which would revamp the American electoral system, by trotting out some arguments that could've been made 60—or even 160—years ago.
‘In The Heights’ transposes the staged depiction of Washington Heights to the big screen. Stories from the pandemic and protests. Plus music by Alex Lleo and Ifeanyi Elswith.
John Knefel refutes the current claims that there is a shortage of workers in the United States and offers the reality that there are fewer workers who are willing to work in poor conditions for inadequate pay.
With one signature and explicatory tweet, the Texas governor laid bare conservatives' warped views on liberty.
It's not like Johnson cares about sounding dumb. The more scary buzzwords you hit, the better. 
Data on how the stimulus helped people out of poverty, Mare of Easttown can't brake out of the carceral framework of police procedurals, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons
During her freshman year at university, Natasha was aimless. Her major in Economics and Politics didn’t excite her and she wanted to work in a more creative field, so she joined the student newspaper and wrote an article that earned her an award. She shares how that success gave her the confidence to pursue a career in journalism. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: "Only You" by Anemone
Milly is the project of Brendan Dyer, Spencer Light, Yarden Erez, and Zach Capitti Fenton. Here, the mainly Los Angeles-based band delivers a strong performance recorded live at Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right, recorded upon the release of their EP earlier this Spring.
Hollyy is a refreshing retro-soul garage rock band from Chicago. Here, they deliver a stunning live performance - captured at Fort Knox Studios in September 2020 - featuring music from their debut EP.
Asher introduces free drums representing autonomous African motion & saxophone reflecting deeply & honestly on the violence of colonialism.
Electronica via Laidback Luke, Alwz Snny, Carla Monroe, liquidfive, Mako, O’falco, Jorn Pricez help you work towards crushing your goals!
Today features music from Riva Starr, Illyus & Barrientos, Virak, and more.
Cooking, life check-ins, and what’s going on with the Chipotle wage and burrito bowl debate. photo courtesy of John Knefel
Birthdays, Father's Day's, it has me reflecting on life and how gratitude is so necessary.  Time moves quick, spend it with family, friends and with good music to get you through.  Another year, another reggae show! Let's do it!