the nude party
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Workers relying on UI should end up with more money over time—still, the question begs: Why can't we demand more?
There might not be the same crazy shenanigans, but it’s still great for music discovery.
The former president can't muster the same enthusiasm as he did years ago, but the GOP is still happy to do it for him
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Tasked with a clear mandate from more than 81 million people who voted for him, Biden & co. are clanging one open layup after another.
The Fox News host played dumb about the most prominent conspiracy theory in American politics today.
It's your late winter, late pandemic, extremely over it Covid roundup. Plus, lessons from the communist party in Alabama in the 1930s. photo courtesy of Fulbert via Wikimedia Commons
The West Virginia senator isn't some moderating force. He's an impediment to progress.
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Plus movie reviews, artist and author interviews, minimum wage discussion, impeachment acquittal, and more.
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A $15 minimum wage is the kind of broadly popular policy Democrats should embrace with open arms. But the president doesn't want to.
Twitter tried figuring out if the Texas senator tried ducking to Mexico during his home state's massive energy crisis. Naturally, jokes ensued.