max pain and the groovies
Tune in for music by Will Bonness, Emily Kuhn, Jorge Perez-Albela (featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni), Dan Fortin, Rebecca Hennessy
Eels are back with their thirteenth studio album, Earth to Dora, available now via PIAS Recordings. Tune in for one of the new tracks!
Election Day—er, week—is stressful. These memes helped make it a little more bearable.
What scares you? Is it the sweetly sick taste of candy corn? Or an obscure peanut butter candy called, enigmatically, Chick-O Stic? Or perhaps it’s just the sight of your face in the mirror every morning (guilty)? Whatever it may be, we guarantee that this month’s stories will terrify you into never listening to this show again!! (Wait, scratch that. They’ll terrify you into listening to this over and over for all of eternity. There, that’s better.)
Electronica via Swanky Tunes, Raven & Kreyn, Bomfunk MC’s, Randall, Joanna Rays, Reggio help you work towards crushing your goals!
Electronica via Shane 54, Aruna, Timo Vaitti, Kincses, David Flix! Cool down from your extended workout w/ GMGN, Saucy Lady, Moonbeam, Aelyn
Electronica via Viktor, Bonnie Legion, Metrik, Databoy, Max Vangeli, ATFC, Melsen, MB Sak help you work towards crushing your goals!
Electronica via Titus, Memory Loss, Maurizio Basilotta, Matt Fax, Statos Messinis, Merk & Kremont help you work towards crushing your goals
We could all use a break from the world. This month’s show promises only Happy Stories—a first for our show we think. From getting engaged to taking dance classes in Tucson to being the lone videographer on a Playboy shoot, happiness sneaks upon you sometimes when you do indeed most expect it.
Electronica via Maximals, Nicci, Maurizio Gubellini, Mercer, Axwell, Disco Superstars, Matroda help you work towards crushing your goals!
Electronica via Slow Fish, Bonnie Legion! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Matt Caseli, David Jimenez, Matt Darey, Kate Louise S!
The mecca of live music is at a standstill, but the artists within it are keeping its musical spirit alive.
Contemporary jazz by Axon Radio, Sonia Johnson, Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps, Pia Salvia, Eric St-Laurent, DreamRoot on today’s episode!
As summer winds down we think about the start of school. And although school, this year, will look different, some things never change: like productions of Romeo and Juliet run amok or spring band trips that turn into scenes of a crime or open mic nights that don’t end as disastrously as feared. Tune in and slide back down memory lane as our storytellers this month share their Back to School stories.
The elitist musical lineup is even more proof that the government is just a rich person’s game.
2020 has been rough, but at least we’ve still got some great musicians delivering some summertime tunes.