Come cry with us while we look back on some of our favorite live shows from the past few years. WE MISS IT SO MUCH.
Why not play punk they way it’s supposed to be played—with zero f*cks.
Some of the best albums from underground artists that the dumb charts decided to ignore.
Cellphones and minds we’re lost the first night and oh, what a magical time it was.
It was an extra chaotic SXSW this year—I really don’t know how I survived.
Some of the best albums from underground artists that the charts decided to ignore.
This year, I traveled the midwest, deep south and more. These were the wildest rides.
Shaw's powerful performance with a nine-piece band and an amazing lineup of musicians was destined to be memorable.
Real New Yorkers hate Times Square all year round but the hatred is even worse on NYE.
Songs that’ll get you back into work and/or school mode and get you pumped for the fall.
Why not celebrate America for what really makes it great this Fourth of July?
After a five-week tour Las Rosas returns to NYC to play a wild LP release show/ all-night party in Brooklyn’s Alphaville.
Riding with punk rockers Gnarcissists between two boroughs and two shows was a blissful punch to the head & a wild time.
Six days of shows, partying and driving throughout the Midwest with a couple of NYC’s best underground musicians.
We played our favorite game at SXSW this year: Seeing how much rock 'n' roll our music reporter can take before she explodes.
These gritty New Yorkers whirl up a chaotic tornado of powerful punk & dirty garage rock that'll rattle your brain.
BTRToday music writer Elena Childers reports via text message on her adventures and encounters at the South by Southwest Music festival.