Time for new music! Album tracks from some recent favs including Lea Thomas, Mega Bog, and Molly Burch, plus brand new singles from Joan As Police Woman, BRNDA, and so much more - let's get listening!
This week hear from Canadian pop-punkers Real Sickies—a chat w/ frontman Benny and their newest album 'Love Is For Lovers.'
Their newest album ‘Love is for Lovers’ is a statement of just that in pop-punk form.
Lindsay Reamer is a Philadelphia-based artist who started writing and producing over the past year. Here, she delivers a cozy, solo performance of music from her debut EP, Lucky.
Past Is PresentBTRtv Revisited

The BTRtv team has had the good fortune to capture impressive performances with plenty of artists over the years. Here's a look back at a few of those that we still think back on often...

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ICYMI: Musicians, bands, and artists we’ve been throwing at you all week, plus other music news.
Plus 'Old' movie jokes, dying democracy, and stories of triumph this week on BTRtoday.
A new Axios poll finds that Americans favor vaccine mandates, and that approval has increased in the past two months.
As hospitals across the country fill with people suffering from COVID-19, especially in states where vaccination rates are low, conservative media has changed their messaging.
The state of the left and the challenges ahead, and conservatives react to the Delta spike. Chicago Sunrise Movement Rallies for a Green New Deal Chicago, Illinois Photo courtesy of  Charles Edward Miller via Wikimedia Commons
Plus Tom Brady trolling Trump, a major league name change, doomsday scenes, and more.
The idea that Congress must approve student debt cancellation is false, but the Speaker of the House said it anyway.
During a CNN town hall that featured a few flubs, the president provided a business owner with a simple strategy to get people back to work.
Gamblers is a Long Island, NY-based rock band led by songwriter Michael McManus. With catchy hooks, indie rock grit, pop melodies, psych rock and dance touches, as well as creative production, the collective has a way of defying description while making super memorable tunes. Here, they give us a tour of their recording/practice space and share a stripped-down taste of their music. Small World is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
After a bad breakup, Lo Gwynn tattooed herself as a way to give herself new skin. She shares how tattooing saved her from a dark time in her life and created a new passion for herself.
Lakes is a UK-based band whose album Start Again is out now. Here, Roberto Cappellina delivers a fantastic solo acoustic performance. Audio and video for this session was recorded by bandmate Matt Shaw.
On this week’s episode, we've got new jams at the top of the hour from Vintage Pistol and Howlin Rain.
Electronica via Da Hauz, Armin van Buuren, Ben Rau! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford, AIKON, Sandhog!
Happy August! New music for the new month.  New double shots, just because. You're welcome! Now, let's do this damn thing!
The Jazz Hole host Linus celebrates Swiss National Day by playing spinning Swiss artists, including Eliane Amherd’s new album La Dégustation
The Tin Can Collective take the top spot! Steph Wall, Cochemea, Yves Tumor, Anthonie Tonnon make countdown debuts.
Lollapalooza Is Back! The Listening Booth is your guide w/electro from Post Animal & Porches + alt rock via White Reaper & The Aquadolls!