Infinite Sync Studios is a Louisville, KY-based label releasing a wide variety of genres from international artists. Run by Matthew Sisk and Matt DeVore, the label has had a productive first few years, and Matt joins me in this episode to talk about some of the unique ways that they run the label, before diving in to a ton of music from their relesases.
A stunning portrait of an Appalachian community where cell service and WiFi are restricted by law, the people who call it home, and the enduring human quest for quiet.
The idea that Congress must approve student debt cancellation is false, but the Speaker of the House said it anyway.
As hospitals across the country fill with people suffering from COVID-19, especially in states where vaccination rates are low, conservative media has changed their messaging.
Past Is PresentBTRtv Revisited

The BTRtv team has had the good fortune to capture impressive performances with plenty of artists over the years. Here's a look back at a few of those that we still think back on often...

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Shauna Shames explains her concern for American democracy and the vital need for national voting standards.
The project from Matt jones, get swinging & rockin' to this contemporary jazzy take on Americana.
The state of the left and the challenges ahead, and conservatives react to the Delta spike. Chicago Sunrise Movement Rallies for a Green New Deal Chicago, Illinois Photo courtesy of  Charles Edward Miller via Wikimedia Commons
Plus Tom Brady trolling Trump, a major league name change, doomsday scenes, and more.
An upbeat power-pop thrasher—this relatable song is one you can listen to non-stop on repeat. 
If you were too scared to stand up for yourself before, watch this and you'll be ready to throw down.
During a CNN town hall that featured a few flubs, the president provided a business owner with a simple strategy to get people back to work.
Brady toed the laughing with/laughing at line perfectly, and you have to assume it was on purpose.
After a bad breakup, Lo Gwynn tattooed herself as a way to give herself new skin. She shares how tattooing saved her from a dark time in her life and created a new passion for herself.
Lakes is a UK-based band whose album Start Again is out now. Here, Roberto Cappellina delivers a fantastic solo acoustic performance. Audio and video for this session was recorded by bandmate Matt Shaw.
Mario Gutierrez is a Brooklyn-based musician originally from Miami. Known for his drumming in several great NYC bands, niecesandnephews is his experimental pop project where he stretches his musical wings in all directions - with hints of indie rock, ambient folk, americana, and electronic music, Mario ties it all together with a hazy, dreamlike aesthetic. Here, he presents a lush, solo performance from home. Stay tuned for the followup videos, which present a bit of a departure in sound and vision. Mnemosyne is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Oscar P’s hypnotizing remix of Omwana by DJ/producer MR.ECLECTIC, uses inexorable Afrocentric rhythms & Tina Ardor’s spirited vocals!
Today features music from Mode, Funk Cartel x Ultra Naté, Plaster Hands, and more.
Electronica via Alex Nocera, Kamino, Xavier Iturralde, Köbes, Funkitunes, Dex Wilson, Body Ocean help you work towards crushing your goals!
This week, Nikkie speaks with Bay Area cellist/singer/songwriter Mia Pixley about her just released full length, ‘Margaret in The Wild.’ They discuss how her music is informed by her training as a psychologist and background as a transracial adoptee of Venezuelan and Nigerian descent, among other things. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Let's find blessings, gratitude, satisfaction and peace everywhere we go and in everything we do. Good positive summer vibes only. Let's dub this damn thing!