Perpetual Doom is a family-owned video production company and indie record label run by husband-and-wife team Lou & Rosie Crisitello and based in Pennsylvania. In this episode, we catch up with Lou to talk about the label's beginnings and some of the exciting projects they've released and have in the works!
A lively exploration of the mathematics, physics, and neuroscience that underlie music in a way that readers without scientific background can follow.
On National Mascot Day, we share our favorite furry (and downright weird) friends from around the world of sports.
As multiple states attempt to ban teaching Critical Race Theory, MJ Knefel explains why this is problematic for education, and why the power of Republicans at the state and local level must not be underestimated.
Past Is PresentBTRtv Revisited

The BTRtv team has had the good fortune to capture impressive performances with plenty of artists over the years. Here's a look back at a few of those that we still think back on often...

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Congress acted swiftly, but with laws attempting to ban critical race theory in states across the country, the newfound holiday status feels hollow.
Abandoning the investigation into Trump's meeting with Putin in 2018 is the latest example of Dems letting the former POTUS off scot-free.
John Knefel refutes the current claims that there is a shortage of workers in the United States and offers the reality that there are fewer workers who are willing to work in poor conditions for inadequate pay.
With one signature and explicatory tweet, the Texas governor laid bare conservatives' warped views on liberty.
MJ Knefel describes why affordable healthcare must become a priority.
That moment when you think of everything you should've said after it's all said & done perfectly captured in a catchy melody.
It's not like Johnson cares about sounding dumb. The more scary buzzwords you hit, the better. 
Data on how the stimulus helped people out of poverty, Mare of Easttown can't brake out of the carceral framework of police procedurals, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons
When Francisco first started working in auto insurance, a claim crossed his path that remains the wildest he’s ever heard. Despite dealing with several claims a day, it still amazes him how many different ways people can get into auto accidents.
Alex Lleo is a UK-based songwriter whose new EP, Morning Heights, was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and is out now from Babywoman Records. In this episode, Alex delivers an exclusive acoustic performance, recorded live at home.
Tiye Phoenix is a NJ-based musician, beatmaker, producer, lyricist, songwriter,composer, artist, and “cool dope ass soul.” Here she checks in with a raw performance from her latest record, live from home. The Glow EP is available now. Check out the video for "So Real" and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Hong Kong’s Pomegranate Sounds Steroid Dub take on W.A.O.’s Cortisol goes deep, though it keeps enough thump to rock peak dance floor crowds
Today features music from Elninodiablo, David Penn, Boyz Noize, and more.
Electronica via MrOrange, ManyFew, Sunflower, Liam Summers, Dirty Houes Ink, Petey Martin, help you work towards crushing your goals!
This episode marks the end of the first year of this podcast’s run, so we thought we’d go back to a format we used for the very first episode, with J. McVay talking to Nikkie about the show itself. They discuss some of the memorable moments on the show, what it’s become vs. how it started, and also look ahead to the future. Plus, of course, some music… by Anjimile, Mel Fine, Mackenzie Shivers, Billy Dean Thomas, Sci-Fi, and Blxck Cxsper, all of whom are discussed in the episode. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
We dive into the Critical Race Theory thing, and MJ had top surgery. photo courtesy of Laurie Shaull via Wikimedia Commons
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