Zach Schepis

Location: NYC // With BTR Since: 2013

Zach Schepis is the Editor-in-Chief for BTRread. He's also Co-Host of Smoke & Cinema and Third Eye Weekly.

He spent his younger years leapfrogging from home to home across Europe and Asia before settling down into the city of Syracuse in Upstate New York. A number of bizarre experiences inspired Zach to become a writer--including choice standoffs with killer bears, renegade law enforcement, and adventures of hooligan camaraderie with best friends thicker than blood. He moved to the Bronx to attend SUNY Purchase, where he studied Creative Writing. Upon graduation, he relocated to Brooklyn and joined the BTR team in 2013.

Aside from writing, Zach is a hot sauce aficionado and enjoys playing guitar in a variety of funk and rock bands in the NYC area.

The Latest From Zach Schepis

4/6/17 // Finale

It's my last episode hosting Third Eye Weekly, and it's been one long, strange, and beautiful trip. To highlight this, I've culled together a "best-of" compilation of my favorite interviews from over the years, including Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathon Keats, and Neil Harbisson. | listen

3/30/17 // Brian Primack

We're joined by special guest Brian Primack. He's director of the Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health at the University of Pittsburgh. Recently, he was the co-author of a study revealing that social media use can lead to feelings of increased social isolation. | listen

3/23/17 // Dr. Robert Nolan

We're joined by special guest Dr. Robert Nolan, he's here to talk with us about how electronic counseling can lower the risk of high blood pressure. | listen

3/16/17 // Dr. Alexandra Stein

We're joined by special guest Alexandra Stein, a writer and educator specializing in the social psychology of ideological extremism and other dangerous social relationships. She recently published her second book, "Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in Cults and Totalitarian Systems," and… | listen

3/9/17 // George Lucas

We're joined by special guest George Lucas, an internationally respected ethicist who recently published “Ethics and Cyber Warfare: The Quest for Responsible Security in the Age of Digital Warfare,” which delves into the often confounding realm of cyber conflict. | listen

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