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Location: NYC // With BTR Since: 2014

Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz have co-hosted BTR's Third Eye Weekly podcast since November 2014. Learn more about Zach and Lisa.

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8/18/16 // Sweet Week

We take on the burgeoning sugar industry in the United States and talk to a New York Times fitness columnist about how to battle being an "active couch potato." | listen

8/18/16 // The Sweetest Thing You've Experienced - BTR Pulse [ep285]

What's the sweetest thing that someone has ever done for you? For "Sweet Week" at BTRtoday Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis ask the people of NYC's Madison Square Park about their most cherished… | watch

8/11/16 // Misfit Week

This week is Misfit Week. We’re going to talk about outsiders and outliers who skirt by the fringes of society, and examine why they choose to operate outside of these borders. | listen

8/11/16 // How Have You Been A Misfit?

From navigating through awkward chapters of adolescence to trying our best to fit in at a new job, most people have felt like outcasts at one time or another. For "Misfit Week" at BTRtoday, Lisa Autz… | watch

8/4/16 // Protest Week

This week is Protest Week. Rather than talk about protesting, we’d like to instead focus on how each of us can attain greater harmony with both the self and the world around us. | listen

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