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2/2/17 // Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Most of us are emotionally depleted from President Trump’s first two weeks. Little do we know we are all pawns in a larger puzzle of a power grab. This is what is happening to you. | read

1/26/17 // Scandinavia Falls Off the Pedestal

Sweden and Denmark, who are often described by liberals as utopian countries, have been transformed right before our eyes. | read

1/19/17 // Creating the "Netflix" of Indie Movie Streaming

Carl Colpaert, veteran indie filmmaker and founder of Cineville, is building a “Netflix of indie streaming.” | read

1/12/17 // The Rise of the Insta Poet

Poetry in the last few decades has moreover become a less than popular profession and has certainly not been regarded as a medium in which one on can sustain oneself financially. | read

1/5/17 // Hilton Builds a Westworld

The closest thing to the popular show “Westworld” (where rich vacationers get to live in a fantasy world) is Hilton’s Conrad Maldives. | read

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