Molly Knefel // The True Face of White Supremacy

Molly Knefel challenges a widely accepted falsehood that Donald Trump was elected by poor and lower middle-class white people lacking education, and that those are the people responsible for spreading racist and hateful rhetoric. She explains that…


Latishe // Learning To Love Herself

In this episode, Latishe reminisces about a relationship that started purely based on physical attraction and how, during that time, she realized how important it is to be true to yourself. She also offers advice for those who might be trying to…


“Pigs In The River" by Re-TROS

Re-TROS (Rebuilding the Rights of Statues) is a trio based out of Beijing, China. With lead singer/guitarist Hua Dong and his wife, bassist Liu Min, at the core, the band has developed a strong local and international following. Ahead of the release…


“Rita” by Madeline Kenney

Madeline Kenney is a singer-songwriter based in Oakland, California. Her debut album, Night Night At The First Landing, which was produced by Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear, is out on September 1 from Company Records. We met up with her in Brooklyn’s…


“Jazinka” by Idgy Dean

Idgy Dean is the live-loop-based solo musical endeavor of Brooklyn’s Lindsay Sanwald. Sanwald’s presence is electric, and the energy and skill with which she weaves together and manipulates live sound loops is unforgettable. Get a look at how she…


John Knefel // White Resentment In The White House

John Knefel offers insight on recent policies from the White House that indicate the administration is promoting politics of white resentment in an effort to appeal to President Trump’s base. These latest policies include the plans to limit legal…


Eòghan // Teaching Gaelic In Scotland

In this episode, Eòghan shares his reasons for teaching Gaelic, the native language of Scotland. He also reflects on his experience as an educator and what he’s learned over the years.   Music featured in the episode: "Ones Who Love You" by…


"Just Lie Still" by Roselit Bone

Roselit Bone is the 9-piece gang of cowboys spreading the dark visions of Joshua McCaslin, based out of Portland, Oregon. McCaslin’s style draws heavily on country, but the band’s vibe and subject matter veer hard from post-punk to rockabilly,…


“Funny Papers” by William Matheny

West Virginia songwriter William Matheny cut his teeth in the excellent band Southeast Engine before setting out on his current solo endeavor. Using Americana, country, and folk as a springboard for his powerful, literate indie rock story-songs,…


“I Can See Everything” by Dream Version

Chicago trio Dream Version -- Eric Brummitt, Alec Jensen, and Michael Kunik -- have been perfecting their poppy, post-punk-inspired indie rock since 2013. Keeping instrumentation to the classic power trio setup gives the band a lot of room to play…


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