"Little Bird" by The Ghost Of Paul Revere

The Ghost of Paul Revere has been making major waves across New England with their homegrown brand of holler-folk. Friends since childhood, they are known for their extroverted, rollicking live shows paired with reflective, introspective songwriting.…


John Knefel // Sanitizing Trump

Many euphemisms have been used to describe President Trump and the behaviors and opinions he and his allies exhibit. John Knefel argues that these euphemisms obscure certain truths and result in false equivalencies that tilt the political…


David // Remembering His Grandfather

David reminisces about his grandfather, who raised him for most of his life and recently passed away. He shares how his grandfather influenced him and some of the moments which meant the most in their relationship. Music featured in this…


"Arizona Fire" by Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari is a songwriter with an honest heart who has found her musical footing in the American south -- specifically Nashville. Mancari is currently celebrating the release of her debut full length album, Good Woman, which has been a lifetime…


"Sunlight Daze" by Mimicking Birds

Mimicking Birds is a band from Portland, Oregon, who plays dreamy sounding pop tunes. We met up with them at the Work Heights co-working space in Crown Heights known as Dean Machine where they played a stripped down version of their song “Sunlight…


“Separate Ways” by Pinact

Pinact is a Scottish trio offering a sort of gentle pop pummeling that features rock music with big hooks, fuzzy guitars, and on-point vocal harmonies. Often landing somewhere between the harsh assault and verse-chorus-verse frenzy of Nirvana and…


John Knefel // The FBI Is Not Your Friend

Although many liberals have praised and otherwise been mostly supportive of FBI investigations into the 2016 election, the law enforcement agency has long been known for spying and blackmail rather than taking on political corruption outright. John…


Rich // Running Marathons

In this episode, a runner named Rich, who was at the Javits Center while attending the New York City Marathon Expo ahead of the annual race, shares his running history and his future goals as well as what motivates him. Music featured in this…


“Opinions” by SondorBlue

SondorBlue is a super tight pop band from Charleston, South Carolina, which they endearingly refer to as “Chucktown.” Though they don’t share the same endless solos and stoned vibes as jam bands, they do tend to operate in a similar fashion,…


"Night Walker" by Ghost Funk Orchestra

Seth Applebaum (also of Brooklyn psych-surf freaks, The Mad Doctors) is apparently pretty prolific when it comes to experimental, groovy, weirdo jams. Ghost Funk Orchestra is more no-wave than the funk in their name may imply, but either way,…


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