“All The Time” by Airpark

The Nashville-based brothers, bandmates, producers, and co-songwriters Michael Ford, Jr., and Ben Ford cut their teeth in the music industry with their previous band, The Apache Relay, which focused on going big with both sound and personnel. With…


Molly Knefel // Political Art in the Age of Trump

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- offers her take on the creation and criticism of political art in the midst of a Trump presidency. She runs down some of the more…


Jeffrey // Jailed in China

In this episode, Jeffrey shares the story of how he was arrested and jailed in China before the 2008 Olympics. He recounts the events leading up to his arrest and the lie he invented during interrogation. 1st Person is presented by Urban…


“Man In Me Lyfe” by The Moonlandingz

From made up psychedelic ouija pop band to totally real -- as in loud, fast, and sweaty real -- band, this supergroup composed of members of Fat White Family and the Eccentronic Research Council have come together to destroy pop music and rebuild it.…


“Mon Esprit” by Sweet Crude

Sweet Crude is an exciting, young six-piece from New Orleans, Louisiana. They’ve found a fascinating balance for pairing English and French lyrics that recall Cajun roots within a vibrant pop music sound which is full of joy and energy. This ball…


"Step Out Into The Light" by Matisyahu

Matisyahu -- first known as a jam-loving, spiritually-influenced, and passionate singer -- has evolved over that past decade from a Grammy-nominated, #1 single performer to a full-on band. Rounded out by notable improviser Aaron Dugan, Dub Trio…


John Knefel // The Trump Counterpunch To Comey

John Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- offers his take President Trump’s response to the Senate testimony of former FBI Director James Comey and its context within his…


Yvonne // Scary Taxi Encounter in Romania

In this episode, Yvonne recounts the two scariest moments in her life, which both took place while traveling in different countries and how the situations were resolved. She also offers her point of view as a woman traveling alone and what those…


"Could Have Been" by Wooing

Rachel Trachtenburg is back at it with a new band. We know her from the cute and quirky Supercute!, The Prettiots, and The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, but now she’s heading up a dreamy indie rock band, with some post-punk touches, that…


“High Flying Bird” by Anders Parker

Anders Parker is a veteran musician with a prolific output, releasing nearly twenty albums over the past two decades, either as a solo act or with various other artists. As a singer-songwriter, Parker produces the kind of honest, emotional music…


BTR Live Studio

MUSIC | Musicians play exclusive sets and chat with Maia Macdonald, a veteran musician and DJ with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering.

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Video Dispatch

POLITICS | A weekly video series covering politics and current affairs, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel.

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1st Person

CULTURE | We head out into the city to meet people and get their firsthand stories about their own lives and experiences.

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BTR Hear & There

MUSIC | We head out to various interesting locations in NYC -- and occasionally elsewhere -- with dynamic musicians playing their songs in unique settings.

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CULTURE | BreakThruTV is a multi-format series presenting anything and everything from comedy and music to news and documentary.

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