“Longport” by Active Bird Community

Active Bird Community is a Brooklyn-based indie garage pop band who’ve been bubbling up in the local scene for just a couple of years now. They ride the line between the straight up NYC rock and looser, quirky indie rock. The band dropped by…


"Coming Back Home" by De'Wayne Jackson

De’Wayne Jackson grew up in Spring, Texas, before finding his way to Los Angeles. There, he crafted a unique blend of musical influence and style from R&B to indie rock resulting in a smooth bed for his poetic style. In this unique session, he…


Molly Knefel // Men's Rights And The Department Of Education

Molly Knefel offers her take on the recent statements from the Department of Education which appear to support the roll back of Title IX protection guidelines that were put in place during the Obama administration to deal with sexual violence on…


Tomi // On Growing Up

In this episode, Tomi talks about turning 21 and shares why she thinks that milestone birthday is overrated and which birthday she is looking forward to instead.   Music featured in the episode: "Concorde" by Incan Abraham


"Dirty Work" by Saw Black

Saw Black is an Americana rock musician based in Richmond, Virgina. Relatively new to the music industry and having just released his debut record on his own label, he’s off to a strong start. Stylistically, there are clear nods to roots and…


“Bad Woman” by Satellite Mode

Over the past of couple years, Jess Carvo and Alex Marko have been producing jams as the indie electro-pop duo Satellite Mode. The two were brought together by a shift in circumstances and a desire to make music full-time. They describe themselves as…


“Tina’s” by Grim Streaker

Grim Streaker is a musical force to be reckoned with. Full speed ahead, all systems go, with the power of a jet engine flying upside down. You get the picture. This is unabashedly bashing, but tuneful, punk rock for modern lovers, form a Brooklyn…


John Knefel // Leaker Exposes Election Vulnerabilities

John Knefel offers his take on the importance of the information leaked by NSA contractor Reality Winner that revealed how successful Russian spies actually were in penetrating local and state voter databases and how the revelations have perhaps…


Henry // Visited By The Cops As A Kid

In this episode, Henry recalls how he used to fight with his sister when he was younger and how one such fight led to the cops knocking on his front door. He shares how he felt in that moment and how his relationship with his sister has evolved over…


“Just Cuz You Can’t” by Pronoun

Alyse Vellturo is the heart and soul of this Brooklyn synth/guitar indie pop band. Catchy melodies, a bit of punkish pop sensibility, and totally relatable lyrics make everything about Pronoun earworm-prone, as evidenced by this session, when the…


BTR Live Studio

MUSIC | Musicians play exclusive sets and chat with Maia Macdonald, a veteran musician and DJ with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering.

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Video Dispatch

POLITICS | A weekly video series covering politics and current affairs, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel.

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1st Person

CULTURE | We head out into the city to meet people and get their firsthand stories about their own lives and experiences.

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BTR Hear & There

MUSIC | We head out to various interesting locations in NYC -- and occasionally elsewhere -- with dynamic musicians playing their songs in unique settings.

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CULTURE | BreakThruTV is a multi-format series presenting anything and everything from comedy and music to news and documentary.

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