"Counting The Days" by Mosquitos

Mosquitos first gained notoriety for their Bossa Nova/indie pop hit “Boombox” in the 2000s. After spending a decade in Rio de Janeiro and Oaxaca, Mexico, the now NYC-based trio is back with a fresh batch of music inspired by their experience.…


John Knefel // BernieCare For All

John Knefel unpacks the “Medicare for All” bill that Bernie Sanders recently brought forth in the Senate. This bill, which proposes a single payer health care plan for the United States, was introduced with sixteen co-sponsors and has quickly…


Ayanda // Realizing Friends Were Trump Supporters

In this episode, Ayanda shares what it was like to find out that some of her friends were Trump supporters. She explains what Donald Trump represents to her and the effect of his presidency on her life and relationships with others.   Music…


"Yours or Mine" by Suzanne Santo

Suzanne Santo is best known as the singer from Los Angeles-based Americana band, honeyhoney. Here, she steps out on her own with a strong debut solo release, showcasing a powerful range from slow-burn crooner to full on rocker. Suzanne brought her…


“Ms. Jade” by Ms. White

Ms. White is a NYC-based jazz-pop artist documenting her medical transition through music. Her music takes a hard look at the male-centric music industry and makes a fierce declaration of womanhood. We found her and producer Theo on a rooftop in…


"Goodpain" by Yoke Lore

Yoke Lore is the new musical outlet for Adrian ​Galvin, previously of Yellerkin​ and Walk the Moon​. Galvin crafts his catchy, heartfelt tunes on banjo and then twists and shapes them into tight, catchy pop songs. For this rare stripped-down…


Molly Knefel // How We Talk About DACA

Molly Knefel offers insight on why it’s important to consider the type of language uses when discussing DACA recipients. While it is true that people protected by DACA did not have a choice about moving to the United States, and that they add value…


Daniel // Arrested For Dealing Drugs

In this episode, Daniel talks about the most difficult time he's experienced: his drug dealing arrest. He shares what led him to dealing drugs, how dealing changed him, and what's been happening in his life since getting arrested.   Music…


“Half Blood” by Domino Kirke

Domino Kirke has returned. Her music career began early when she was “discovered” at just 17 and over the years she’s taken several turns through various projects and genres that have ultimately led to her current endeavor and a new record. Her…


The Doughnut Project: Dough-WHAAAT?!

The Doughnut Project is a shop in NYC’s West Village that makes much more than your original glazed doughnut -- though they have that too -- by bringing together what may seem like unlikely flavor combinations atop super fresh yeast doughnuts.…


BTR Live Studio

MUSIC | Musicians play exclusive sets and chat with Maia Macdonald, a veteran musician and DJ with a knack for asking questions musicians actually enjoy answering.

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Video Dispatch

POLITICS | A weekly video series covering politics and current affairs, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel.

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1st Person

CULTURE | We head out into the city to meet people and get their firsthand stories about their own lives and experiences.

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BTR Hear & There

MUSIC | We head out to various interesting locations in NYC -- and occasionally elsewhere -- with dynamic musicians playing their songs in unique settings.

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CULTURE | BreakThruTV is a multi-format series presenting anything and everything from comedy and music to news and documentary.

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