"Useless Smile" by Sloppy Heads

Brooklyn trio Sloppy Heads have emerged from the secret lair where they crafted their first full on, totally real, cool-as-hell LP with the help of the capable James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump). It’s maybe just a little sloppy, but more like loose,…


John Knefel // Trump’s Hostages

Citing several recent political decisions, John Knefel challenges Donald Trump's self-proclaimed title of "dealmaker,’ describing him as a “hostage negotiator in reverse” due to his willingness to risk many lives for his own personal…


Jialu // Studying Miles From Home

In this episode, Jialu, an international student in Canada, shares what it has been like to leave her home country and move across the world for her education. Music featured in this episode: "Dreams Tonite" by Alvvays


"We Can Pretend" by Elizabeth and the Catapult

Elizabeth and the Catapult is New York musician Elizabeth Ziman, a critically acclaimed and incredibly talented singer/songwriter with an impressive musical resume of collaborations and credits. With impeccable pop sensibility and clever musical…


Gulliver’s Gate

Taking up a full city block in Times Square, Gulliver’s Gate is an interactive exhibit of scale model miniatures representing recognizable structures from all around the world as a cohesive set meant to allow discovery through comparison and…


“Contact” by Big Bliss

Big Bliss is a Brooklyn band formed in 2015 by brothers Cory (drums) and Tim (vocals, guitar) Race, along with bassist Wallace May. The trio blasts out a furious sort of post-punk and indie rock that draws a bit on shoegaze (think perhaps a little…


Molly Knefel // Trump Attacks Birth Control

Molly Knefel gives her take on the intended rollback of the Birth Control Mandate, introduced by President Obama, which provides birth control coverage at no cost to approximately 55 million women. While it is important that birth control helps to do…


Phoebe // Pursuing A Singing Career

In this episode, Phoebe shares some of the ups and downs she's faced while pursuing a singing career and recounts her most recent audition, which was for The Voice.   Music featured in this episode: “Capture” by Eternal Summers


“Jesus Lived In A Motel Room” by Hyukoh

Hyukoh is a juggernaut of the Korean indie rock world. Taking on K-Pop and proving that rock n’ roll and other international sounds are welcome in the pop culture scene best known for sugary sweet pop, they’ve climbed the charts and garnered…


“Devil In U” by Sad13

Normally we’d write some sort of semi-thoughtful description of the band here, but in this case we’ll let their Facebook bio do the heavy lifting: “sad13 (sad thirteen) is a cyborg dog astrally projected from the recent past to save the middle…


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