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9/17/17 // The Bloodiest Non-Meat Burger is Ready for Battle

Made from processed plants and bio-engineered vegetable blood, this Silicon-valley burger is attempting to disrupt meat. | read

9/10/17 // Is Corn the Best New Thing in Food?

Will summertime barbecue's favorite vegetable become the next big thing in refined cuisine? | read

9/3/17 // If It Doesn’t Melt, Is It Still Ice Cream? Evet! Na’am! Yes!

The traditional Middle Eastern ice cream could pass for Haagen Dazs or Edy’s from a distance, but once it hits your mouth, it’s a whole different experience. | read

8/27/17 // Can Beer Feed The World?

Two men have a mission to make the most of wasted grain. They call the bars “a Trojan horse for the base ingredient.” The future, they say, is beer flour. | read

8/20/17 // Meet the Meat of Tomorrow

People want convenient, fresh meat. The race is on to deliver it the fastest—and cheapest. | read

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