Taia Handlin

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Taia Handlin is a fabulous Portland native currently working and writing in New York City. She received her BA in Gender Studies from Whitman College, where she spent four years amongst the onions of Walla Walla, Washington.

Taia's writing interests include feminism, space, and bizarre human interest stories. Before joining BTR as a social media and editorial intern, she wrote about politics and pop culture for BUST. She has also been known to write plays about space and aliens.

When not writing she likes to sleep, read Carl Sagan, and do as many squats as her legs can handle.

The Latest From Taia Handlin

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The Underground Trainers suggest pulse-raising tunes for a stress-reducing, music-fueled workout. | read

9/14/17 // As Temperatures Drop, Cuffing Relationships Rise

Do they like you or your cozy apartment? | read

9/12/17 // The Pianist Pining For His Ex Isn’t Cute. He’s a Creep.

Publically coercing a woman into un-breaking up with you isn’t romantic, it’s an arrogant and domineering outlet for fragile masculinity. It’s about entitlement. | read

9/8/17 // Joss Whedon Doesn't Deserve a New Teenage Superheroine

When Whedon made Buffy, she was a radical female figure. Whedon, too, became a feminist icon. The world has since changed. But he hasn’t evolved. | read

9/7/17 // Having Sex? Please, Don't Pull Out

American men have been pulling out twice as much during sex with women since 2002, according to new data from the CDC. | read

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