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7/28/16 // Survivor Week

We are taking ourselves to the outskirts of consciousness by looking at research that attempts to collect near death experiences from around the world. | listen

7/23/16 // The Witch

We talk about how to say cool shit in Yiddish, smoking in films, why pot is weird for your dreams, and review the awesome new horror flick "The Witch." | listen

7/21/16 // Karma Week

This week is Karma Week. We speak with a psychology professor and a marketer on the rippling effect of small acts of kindness and karma. | listen

7/21/16 // Karma

We've all heard the age-old saying, "what goes around comes around," but does it ring true? For "Karma Week" at BTRtoday, Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis ask people in NYC's Madison Square Park about… | watch

7/16/16 // Smoke & Cinema: Weiner

We talk about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, a Pokemon Go! movie, how synthetic marijuana might cause the zombie apocalypse, and review the new political doc "Weiner." | listen

7/14/16 // Cool Week

It’s Cool Week here on BTRtoday and we are chatting with a movie director and an AI researcher to learn about their fascinating journeying to creating a computer algorithm that develops entire screen plays for film. | listen

7/14/16 // What's The Coolest Thing You've Ever Done?

Skydiving, wild parties, embarking on distant adventures... for "Cool Week" at BTRtoday, Zach Schepis talks to people in New York City about the coolest things they've ever done.For more on this… | watch

7/7/16 // Sustainability Week

We’ll chat with a viticulture extraordinaire on the delicate task of building vineyards with a mission for greater environmental awareness and a filmmaker who's developed a manual for maintaining life on the open road. | listen

7/7/16 // NYC Plastic Bag Fee

Beginning this October, New Yorkers will have to pay for the convenience of plastic bags when they do their shopping. In an effort to curb pollution and encourage a greener lifestyle, plastic bags… | watch

7/2/16 // Smoke & Cinema: Game of Thrones (Season Finale)

This week we talk about Teen USA dropping their swim suit contest, legalized marijuana developments in California, and review the Season 6 finale of "Game of Thrones." | listen

6/30/16 // Conversation Week

We’ll discuss the implications of cyber security and cyber criminals that prowl the deep-web, and take a closer look at if karma actually exists. | listen

6/30/16 // Avoiding Awkward Conversations

Conversations can quickly turn awkward due to the sting of an unexpected comment or just a complete loss for words. For "Conversation Week" at BTRtoday, Zach Schepis and Lisa Autz ask people in NYC to… | watch

6/25/16 // Smoke & Cinema: How To Be Single

We talk about Jim Carrey making a horror movie, weed legalization in Massachusetts, and review the terrible new romantic comedy "How To Be Single." | listen

6/23/16 // NYC Myths

New York City is thought of by many as the greatest city in the world, but that distinction comes with some baggage in the form of myths -- some good, some bad. For "Myth Week" at BTRtoday, Zach… | watch

6/18/16 // Smoke & Cinema: Anomalisa

We talk about Chinese cinema taking over America, a new Pokemon that looks like Donald Trump, and review the Charlie Kauffman animated oddity "Anomalisa." | listen

6/16/16 // Hack Week

We’re going to take a closer look at emerging technologies that can be hacked to be more cost efficient, along with how one organization is breaking down barriers for the LGBT community to integrate with coding groups. | listen

6/16/16 // Hacking the Government

Cyber warfare and government security breaches by foreign or potentially hostile players are an ever-growing concern, but we wondered what information the average citizen would be interested in if… | watch

6/11/16 // Smoke & Cinema: 10 Cloverfield Lane

This week we talk about that time Meryl Streep pretended to be Donald Trump and review the psychological thriller "10 Cloverfield Lane." | listen

6/9/16 // Affordable Week

We will be investigating into the political complexity and myths of the Affordable Care Act, as well as learn about a third party candidate and the pricy game of running for US presidency. | listen

6/9/16 // Affordable NYC

As part of “Affordable Week” at BTRtoday, Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis ask people in New York City about their favorite free activities for the summer amid the seemingly always-rising cost of living… | watch

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