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11/6/17 // Foam Rolling For Dummies

With this quick and dirty guide, ten minutes can be all you need to loosen up sore muscles. | read

7/22/17 // Conquer Fitness Plateaus with Periodization

Get the results you deserve by changing up your routine. | read

5/30/17 // Does Gym Germophobia Make Sense?

Gyms are germ factories. Luckily, simple cleanliness guidelines can make sure you burn calories and build muscle without getting sick. | read

4/20/17 // Blossom with Rose Fitness NY

Jesse Rosenthal, founder of Rose Fitness NY, explains why he entered the personal fitness industry and how accountability and hard work can change your lifestyle. | read

7/18/16 // A New Ring to Fitness Tracking

The BioRing is a forthcoming fitness tracker designed to monitor everything from sleep quality to calorie intake, all from your finger. | read

6/27/16 // Smoke Weed and Work Out With Power Plant Fitness

Power Plant Fitness founder Jim McAlpine speaks with BTRtoday about opening the first cannabis-friendly fitness center. | read

6/20/16 // Work Out on the Water with Aquaphysical

Aquaphysical is an English company that aims to capture the physical benefits of working out on the water—literally. | read

6/13/16 // Exercise in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality solutions company Holodia is using their technology to make cardio workouts more entertaining and engaging. | read

5/16/16 // Light Up Your Workout With AG6

Learn about Asphalt Green, the first facility in the United States to use PRAMA technology when they introduced the AG6 workout in April. | read

5/9/16 // Rage Your Way to Nirvana

Lindsay Istace has created a new form of yoga that encourages participants to yell, swear, and let loose. | read

5/2/16 // Gym Germs on the Rise

Fitness review website FitRated found that gym equipment is teeming with germs, and could give gym-goers more than they bargained for. | read

4/11/16 // Exercise Begins in the Womb

A new mouse model study from the Baylor College of Medicine suggests that a mother’s physical activity while pregnant—not genetics—has the greatest effect on our inclination to exercise. | read

3/14/16 // How Music Boosts Performance

Looking for the best songs to take your workout to the next level? We've got you covered. | read

2/8/16 // What Exactly Is a Runner's High?

During a runner’s high, the brain floods the body with endorphins and mimics a drug-induced state. | read

1/4/16 // New Year, New Approach

A new year provides the perfect opportunity to switch up that tired fitness routine. But how to do it? We can help, read on... | read

11/30/15 // Please Stop Skipping Leg Day

Unless you want to look like a Minotaur, you might want to listen up. | read

11/9/15 // The Hotel-to-Gym Makeover

Simple techniques to transform any travel accommodations into a gym using only what’s in your carry-on. | read

1/6/15 // Unique Fitness Expanding

Fitness Week - Studios with unique workouts that kick your butt are expanding and becoming more successful. | read

5/16/14 // BreakThru News, Ep. 11: Fitter Youth for Smarter Age

With the results of a new study showing the benefits of fitness-based lifestyles, what does 'moderate' mean anymore? | read

1/16/14 // Carrie Gabriel’s Steps to Nutrition - Fitness Week

BTR gets in shape with the LA dietician one step at a time. | read

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