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11/6/17 // Foam Rolling For Dummies

With this quick and dirty guide, ten minutes can be all you need to loosen up sore muscles. | read

4/20/17 // Blossom with Rose Fitness NY

Jesse Rosenthal, founder of Rose Fitness NY, explains why he entered the personal fitness industry and how accountability and hard work can change your lifestyle. | read

3/16/17 // Stay in Shape with Stella

BTRtoday gives you the best tips and tricks to shovel for fitness perks and stay safe during NYC’s Winter Storm Stella. | read

2/23/17 // Review of “The One-Minute Workout”

“The One-Minute Workout” teaches you how to employ interval training to increase your fitness in a timely manner—by way of reading. | read

5/6/14 // Champagne Mango Smoothie

Shake up your breakfast smoothie with a Mexican champagne mango. | read

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