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2/16/17 // The Man Behind “The One-Minute Workout”

Martin Gibala, Ph.D., author of “The One-Minute Workout,” discusses the new kid on the exercise block: interval training. | read

10/24/16 // Starting With a Stretch

Recent studies have found that stretching regularly could improve the fitness of those unable to exercise. | read

10/10/16 // What’s the Deal with Fitness Trackers?

Yet another study found that fitness trackers don’t help users lose weight. Could actual human contact be the difference maker? | read

10/3/16 // Going Paleo

Paleo diets have become more and more popular as people have begun favoring natural foods. But what’s the science behind them? | read

6/27/16 // Smoke Weed and Work Out With Power Plant Fitness

Power Plant Fitness founder Jim McAlpine speaks with BTRtoday about opening the first cannabis-friendly fitness center. | read

5/12/16 // Play Your Court

This week we get a lesson in fitness with tennis and golf aficionado Ren Gates, lead content writer for the Play Your Court blog and Play Your Course blog! | listen

5/9/16 // Rage Your Way to Nirvana

Lindsay Istace has created a new form of yoga that encourages participants to yell, swear, and let loose. | read

4/28/16 // The Joy of Yoga

This week we do some deep breathing with Emma Silverman, creator of the blog The Joy Of Yoga and author of the book of the same name. | listen

4/20/16 // A First-Timer's Intro to Insight Meditation

A BTRtoday staffer undertakes an experimental practice of Insight Meditation, exploring the struggles it can produce and the benefits it can provide. | read

4/14/16 // In It 4 The Long Run

This week we explore healthy living with Georgie Morley, creator of In It 4 The Long Run! | listen

3/10/16 // fANNEtastic Food

This week we chat with dietician and fitness enthusiast Anne Mauney, creator of the health and wellness blog fANNEtastic Food! | listen

2/12/16 // Stand Up For Health

We speak with a long-time fitness writer on the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle and how we can make more time for movement. | listen

2/11/16 // Focused Breathing Technique

We continue the conversation on simple ways we can change our behaviors for overall better health. | listen

2/9/16 // Increase Speed For Results

Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times Fitness columnist, lays out the simple workout exercises that increase speed for healthier results. | listen

1/19/16 // Treating Mechanisms Instead of Disease

We continue the conversation with Sarah Josey, clinical herbalist and nutritionist, to learn about functional medicine as a roadmap to navigating the systems that cause disease. | listen

8/4/15 // Explaining Happiness

Happiness Week - Some tricks to stay happy include exposing yourself to more natural sunshine, looking at old photographs, and playing with animals. While it’s not very hard to figure out why such activities would make people feel warm and fuzzy, there is actual science behind why they make us… | read

6/22/15 // The Seed Experience

PHOTOBLOG: The fourth annual Seed Experience vegan festival, expo, and conference took place on June 20th and 21st at Brooklyn's Expo Center in Greenpoint. The center was lined with vendors performing food demonstrations, offering tasty samples, and selling some of their treats. | read

6/1/15 // Diana Michele

This week I explore letting go of home and travel FOMO with wellness coach Diana Michele. | listen

5/9/14 // BreakThru News, Ep. 10: What Yoga and Pro-Wrestling Have in Common

Three-time WCW champion Diamond Dallas Page and BTR wrestling guru DJ Drew join us for more. | read

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