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8/2/17 // Oakland Wants Pot Felons Selling Legal Weed

Encouraging former convicts to rebuild their lives by weed seems antithetical to American values. But if it works, it would be a huge leap forward for racial justice. | read

5/8/17 // Week of 05/08/17

An episode devoted to the reggae and funk superstars of the jam band scene. | listen

4/20/17 // Week of 04/20/17

Happy 4/20! 60 min of Ganja tunes to celebrate on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | listen

3/18/17 // Goodwill Employees Find a Bunch of Weed

Ever forget you had four pounds of weed and accidentally donate it to Goodwill? Well, somebody did. | read

1/23/17 // Week of 01/23/17

Checking out the new album from Keller Williams’ latest ensemble, KWahtro. “Sync” is out now and we have a 3-track spotlight. | listen

12/17/16 // Elf

We talk about the new Jurassic Park, confessions from weed dispensary owners, and review the holiday classic "Elf." | listen

12/15/16 // Week of 12/15/16

Sinsemilia and Ganja Tunes on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour, only on BTR | listen

11/26/16 // Westworld (Season One Continued)

This week we continue our review of the new HBO hit series "Westworld!" | listen

11/19/16 // The Machinist

We talk about why Tarantino is a dick, discover the missing link between Bowie and Kanye, ruminate on getting pets high, and review the harrowing film "The Machinist." | listen

11/12/16 // Westworld (Episode Two)

We talk about China and Hollywood uniting, how to do the limbo, and review the second episode of Westworld. | listen

10/29/16 // The Girl on the Train

We riff on Miley Cyrus and Bill Murray, how Ice Cube is about to remake Oliver Twist, and review the twisty-turny thriller "The Girl on the Train." | listen

9/24/16 // Grease

We talk about the Brad and Angelina divorce, riff on Hillary Clinton's appearance on Between Two Ferns, and review the classic "Grease" in honor of the last days of summer. | listen

9/8/16 // Public Marijuana Use

Should you be able to smoke marijuana in public if you really want to? For "Light Week" at BTRtoday,  Zach Schepis and Anna Bashkova ask strangers in New York City how they feel about lighting up out… | watch

8/28/16 // Why Kids Might Love Weed Candy

Do you love marijuana edibles? Well, you might just be a kid at heart! | read

8/20/16 // Pan's Labyrinth (10 Year Anniversary)

We talk about more Olympic sex, Ellen Degeneres accusations of racism, Lady Gaga's new movie, federal weed ease-ups, and review "Pan's Labyrinth" for its ten year anniversary. | listen

8/13/16 // The Jungle Book

We talk about Olympic sex, how many American adults actually smoke weed, and review the new Disney animated film "The Jungle Book." | listen

7/23/16 // The Witch

We talk about how to say cool shit in Yiddish, smoking in films, why pot is weird for your dreams, and review the awesome new horror flick "The Witch." | listen

6/18/16 // Smoke & Cinema: Anomalisa

We talk about Chinese cinema taking over America, a new Pokemon that looks like Donald Trump, and review the Charlie Kauffman animated oddity "Anomalisa." | listen

5/28/16 // Smoke & Cinema: Captain America

We review the new Marvel superhero flick "Captain America: Civil War." | listen

5/23/16 // Cannabis Parade

This week BTR went to check out the NYC Cannabis Parade in Union Square. | read

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