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6/28/17 // Dr. Filippo Menacer on Fake News Spreading

Dr. Filippo Menczer joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the spread of fake news on social media websites, the difficulty of problematic bots, and how people can educate themselves against low-quality information. | listen

4/21/16 // Why We Love Watching People Destroy Shit

The Hydraulic Press Channel features nothing but videos of random things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. And it’s incredibly popular. BTRToday looks into the psychology of why we find destruction so satisfying. | read

10/30/14 // Beer?! App?!

The Hash hosts weigh in on micro-communication apps like Beer?! | read

9/9/14 // #ClickbaitProblems

Share Week – Opinion: You’ll never believe what one website did to ‘Sopranos’ creator David Chase just to get clicks. | read

7/6/14 // Dan Newbie Covers Hits in the Kitchen - Theme Week

Common household items allow a YouTube talent to produce uncommon musical covers. | read

5/24/14 // Six Seconds of Celebrity (And Creativity) - Easy Week

A new wave of social media celebrities has arisen with the popularity of Vine videos. | read

7/16/13 // The Worst Room - Aesthetics Week

The hilarious yet soul-killing process of finding an apartment in New York City captured on Tumblr. | read

4/12/13 // YouTube, the “Harlem Shake,” and Pay-to-play on the Internet - Demand Week

The problem with converting to the YouTube standard of pop chart calculation. | read

2/6/13 // No Guts, No Glory, No Viral - Viral Week

In case you didn’t know it, viral videos are in. | read

3/21/12 // Who Doesn't Love a Good Prank? The Best in Viral Hoaxes - News and Information Week

A guide to the greatest mass media pranks and hoaxes the viral world has yet to offer. | read

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