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6/22/17 // NASA Again Promises Aliens and Doesn’t Deliver

Stop toying with us, NASA. You’re the boy who cried aliens one too many times. | read

8/13/16 // Taking a Walk With People From The Stars

Ever felt like you’re not from this world? Well, maybe you’re not! BTRtoday talks with "Starseed" alliance creator and alien abductee psychologist to find out more about these other worldly people. | read

10/7/14 // Art Uncovered - Mirage Men

In 1952 USAF Intelligence Chief Major General John Samford held a press conference to address a flood of UFO sightings above Washington DC. The press conference signaled a new kind of seriousness in the government's approach to unidentified flying objects. Behind the scenes, the heads of US… | listen

1/1/13 // Art Uncovered - Texas, UFOs and Comics

This week on the show my guest is painter and illustrator Esther Pearl Watson. Esther's paintings draw on memories from her childhood growing up in the Texas suburbs around Dallas Fort worth where her father had the unusual hobby of building large UFOs out of scrap in her backyard. Encore show from… | listen

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