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8/23/17 // Will Ryan Adams Ever Have Friends Again?

Now that Adams has burned the bridges with The Strokes, Har Mar Superstar and Father John Misty, the question remains: who’s next? | read

8/22/17 // Men Have Hobbies, Women Have Jobs

As with most fields, the work that women do is valued less | read

8/9/17 // Shea Serrano on Writing (and Other Things)

Author Shea Serrano joins the show to discuss making a living as a writer, The Rap Yearbook being turned into a miniseries, his new book Basketball (and Other Things), and more. | listen

7/7/17 // Democrats Reaffirm Love of Losing With New Bumper Sticker Ideas

Leave it to the Democrats to screw up something as simple as bumper stickers. | read

6/30/17 // Weekly Rundown: Trump's Terrible Tweets

Joe discusses the outrage over Donald Trump's recent tweets, why his base loves it, and why ignoring the president's Twitter feed might be the best way to deal with it. | listen

6/28/17 // Dr. Filippo Menacer on Fake News Spreading

Dr. Filippo Menczer joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the spread of fake news on social media websites, the difficulty of problematic bots, and how people can educate themselves against low-quality information. | listen

6/8/17 // MGG Thursdays on the News

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk news consumption, distraction, and reliability. Also, John checks in on the attack in Iran. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

6/5/17 // Weekend Rundown: Trump on Terror

Joe discusses President Trump's reactions to the weekend's terror attack in London and how we might think about treating his Twitter feed going forward. | listen

5/31/17 // Dr. Steve Billet on Kathy Griffin and "Covfefe"

Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss comedian Kathy Griffin's tasteless beheading and our obsessions with President Trump's Twitter actions. | listen

3/22/17 // Comey Confirms Investigation Into Trump

James Comey confirms that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign and the POTUS twitter lies about it in real time, a new documentary on the militarization of police, and catching up on listener… | listen

3/3/17 // The Fascist State of America

Comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have been both rationally considered and wantonly overblown. Does his presidency really signal the early stages of American fascism? | read

1/27/17 // The Death of Twitter

Is Twitter dying? Well, the diagnosis isn’t good... | read

1/19/17 // Twitter Presidency

Dr. Steve Billet discusses faith in General James "Mad Dog" Mattis as a Trump-checker and the potential impact of the President-elect's Twitter behavior. | listen

1/16/17 // Twitter Should Ban President-elect Donald Trump

Twitter should ban President-elect Trump’s official account on the basis of their own rules against hate speech and threats. Doing so would demonstrate that Twitter takes hate speech seriously, especially when coming from the President of the United States. | read

11/30/16 // Vegas Sportsbooks Release Trump Twitter Prop Bets

Gamblers will now have the opportunity to bet on the President-elect's tweets. | read

11/28/16 // iMessage Ends Friendships

The blue and green of iMessage, meant to indicate when someone is using a fellow iPhone or not, is practically Machiavellian in how it is meant to pit iOS and Android users against each other. “Green bubble trouble” engenders a ridiculous amount of petty rage and classist spite. | read

10/15/16 // “YAAAS QUEEN!” is so Yesteryear! - Words & U

What’s in a #hashtag? Aside from dominating social media networks and creating endless humor, humiliations and trends, hashtags also bind communities together. A hashtag can reveal telling information about a person. | read

8/1/16 // The Military Can Predict Your Tweets

A new model can predict, with 70 percent accuracy, whether your next tweet will be in the name of protest. | read

4/4/16 // #Viajosola

This week we examine the #Viajosola movement; a Twitter trend where women tweet out their support for women traveling alone, after the public reaction to two tragic deaths. | listen

3/8/16 // When Selfies Kill

It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit. | read

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