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10/19/17 // MGG Thursdays on ICE

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk Ivanka’s punk phase, ICE spinning who they target for deportation, and what men could do after Me Too. Also, Morning John on Muslim Ban… | listen

10/19/17 // John Knefel // Trump’s Hostages

Citing several recent political decisions, John Knefel challenges Donald Trump's self-proclaimed title of "dealmaker,’ describing him as a “hostage negotiator in reverse” due to his willingness… | watch

10/18/17 // Frontline’s “Mosul”

We’re joined by Olivier Sarbil, director of tonight’s Frontline documentary, “Mosul.” Also, Morning John, and more listener mail on Me Too. Photo credit: Courtesy of Frontline. | listen

10/17/17 // Women, Trans and Nonbinary folks say: Me Too

Morning John on Trump’s executive order attacking healthcare subsidies, Mayim Bialik writes a victim-blaming New York Times op-ed, women, trans, and nonbinary people post “me too” on social… | listen

10/16/17 // Buzzfeed on Breitbart

We catch up on the Buzzfeed story detailing how Milo launders hate into the mainstream, and the Vanity Fair story on how Trump hates everyone in the White House.      Photo by Shal Farley… | listen

10/13/17 // Ep 27 // Torah Talk / ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Torah Talk with Matt Ruby & Charles Gould. Jacqueline Soller and Charles Hinshaw on ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ Molly Knefel on Trump’s attack on birth control mandates. Sloppy Heads’ BTR Live Studio session. | listen

10/13/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on Public Money

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to answer questions about his money talk, and problematize the phrase “wasting taxpayer dollars.” Also, John is in the studio to talk more on… | listen

10/6/17 // Ep 26 // Kate Willett / ‘American Made’

Matt Ruby interviews comedian Kate Willett. Jacqueline Soller on ‘American Made.’ John Knefel on Roy Moore as the future of the GOP. Hyukoh’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

10/2/17 // Jeff Abbott on Corruption in Guatemala

Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales’ blatant corruption and the popular uprising against it. Also, Morning John on the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, and looking at… | listen

9/29/17 // Ep 25 // Take A Knee / ‘Battle Of The Sexes’

Shalewa & Matt on #TakeAKnee, race, Trump, etc. Charles Hinshaw on ‘Battle Of The Sexes.’ Molly Knefel on what Kaepernick started. Siv Jacobsen’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/27/17 // Raquel Salas Rivera on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Raquel Salas Rivera joins us to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Also, Morning John on Muslim Ban 3.0 and Trump’s attack on black NFL players, and listener mail on Puerto… | listen

9/26/17 // #ADAPTandRESIST Protesters Dragged Out of Health Care Hearing

On Monday, hundreds of protesters, many from the disability rights organization ADAPT, lined up early to oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill. | read

9/26/17 // John in the Studio on the UN and North Korea

John is in the studio to talk about the implications of Trump’s speech to the UN, and listener mail. photo by Gage Skidmore courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

9/22/17 // Ep 24 // Sean Spicer & Issa Rae Go To The Emmys / ‘mother!’

Rena & Matt on Sean Spicer’s appearance and Issa Rae’s comments at the Emmys. Charles Hinshaw on ‘mother!’ John Knefel on BernieCare For All. gobbinjr’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/20/17 // Ayanda // Realizing Friends Were Trump Supporters

In this episode, Ayanda shares what it was like to find out that some of her friends were Trump supporters. She explains what Donald Trump represents to her and the effect of his presidency on her… | watch

9/12/17 // Frontline’s new documentary on Abacus bank

We speak with Steve James, director of the new Frontline documentary “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail.” Also, Morning John breaks down the corporate media narrative that Trump is an independent… | listen

9/11/17 // Trump as the First White President

John is in the studio to discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates’ essay “The First White President.” Also, what’s going on with Trump and Pelosi and Schumer, and listener mail.    Ta-Nehisi… | listen

9/8/17 // Ep 22 // Rabbi Avram Mlotek on Judaism Today / ‘Wind River’ / ‘Ingrid Goes West’

Matt Ruby and Rabbi Avram Mlotek on Judaism today. Molly Knefel on “both sides” talk; sneak peek of Domino Kirke’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/6/17 // Sessions rescinds DACA

Jeff Sessions has announced that DACA will be rescinded in 6 months. DACA Protest photo by Fibonacci Blue courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

8/29/17 // Molly’s back!

Molly is back from her week away, Morning John on Arpaio and Gorka, Hurricane Harvey devastates southern Texas, huge counter protests push back Nazi rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley, and listener… | listen

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