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1/19/17 // DeVos Hearing Shows Total Incompetence

The DeVos hearing shows her total incompetence for the job of Education Secretary, Obama commutes the remainder of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence, and Trump describes his hero in a very Trump… | listen

1/13/17 // Trump’s Awful Press Conference

Trump doesn't even pretend to avoid conflicts of interest as president, the Senate paves the way to dismantle the ACA, and the terrifying implications of Trump saying "I won." | listen

1/12/17 // Trump and Russia’s Intelligence

Trump was briefed by intelligence heads on Russia's attempts to influence him, Buzzfeed publishes the underlying documents, Sessions faces Congress, and Obama’s farewell speech. | listen

1/11/17 // Lane Moore on Tinder Live

Lane Moore on her show Tinder Live, and a round up of a very busy week on Capitol Hill. Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

1/10/17 // Window closing at Guantanamo

The window is closing for cleared detainees at Guantanamo Bay, a Golden Globes recap, and listener mail. Photo credit: John Knefel       | listen

1/9/17 // Trump’s War on Public Education

Hints at what Trump's education policy might look like, Trump’s pick for DNI, and listener mail. Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

1/5/17 // Media Failure As GOP Buckles In Ethics Fiasco

Donald Trump, Trump transition, Congress, GOP, Paul Ryan, listener mail | listen

12/21/16 // Trump, Energy, Security

What Trump's energy policy means for global security, and listener mail. | listen

12/5/16 // Awlaki and Trump

What the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki could mean under Trump, James Mattis gets the nod for Secretary of Defense, and listener mail. photo: Muhammad ud-Deen via Wikimedia… | listen

12/2/16 // Alexis Goldstein on Steven Mnuchin

Alexis Goldstein on Steven Mnuchin, sanctuary cities versus the federal government, and Trump's Carrier propaganda is a vision of things to come. | listen

12/1/16 // Goldman back in Treasury

Trump picks Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, Manhattan liberals still love neocons, and listener mail. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore | listen

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