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6/14/17 // Can Technology Make Dating Easy?

WittyThumbs offers advice for daters. But maybe swipe left on this app. | read

2/17/17 // Love in the Time of Apps

Is there an app for setting people up with dating apps? | read

2/1/17 // Tinder Match Picks Perfect Time & Place to Flake on Date

The exact venue of the date, which won't happen, is yet to be determined. | read

1/11/17 // Lane Moore on Tinder Live

Lane Moore on her show Tinder Live, and a round up of a very busy week on Capitol Hill. Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

1/10/17 // On OkCupid, Everyone Is Inside and Out

People don’t want to look like shallow bores so they hedge their bets and go for every trait they think will score them points somewhere. | read

10/17/16 // How Did Dating Apps Become Social Networks?

Dating apps and social networks have officially fused into a cyber lovefest of hookups and friendship, blurring the boundary between romantic or platonic love. | read

10/14/16 // Establishing Missed Connections

Phone apps like Tinder and Bumble may rule the dating scene these days, but a wholly more interesting way to connect exists on Craigslist. | read

8/29/16 // Check Out 80s Tinder and Dial-A-Sailor Dating

Tinder isn’t new, nor is OkCupid, Grindr, Scruff, Fetlife, or any others. They are the latest in a long line of methods people use to get dates, have sex, get married, get divorced, get some head, and generally have a good time being what we call human. | read

8/8/16 // Tinder

Brooke gets comfortable in the tub to discuss Tinder. She shares some of her great opening lines and the proof behind her exclamation that chivalry is dead. Now you can watch us on your iPhone or… | watch

7/20/16 // Making Safe Sex Cool

With an increase of STDs among young people, and a collective shift towards online dating, it’s time for sex-ed to get a makeover. | read

5/30/16 // Modern Dating

Brooke and her guest, actress Lebogang Ashleigh Fisher, discuss dating in today’s world. They cover Tinder, compare American men to those from other countries and share the cold hard truth: New York… | watch

12/13/15 // Love In The Age Of Ghosting

When it’s not working out, should you simply ghost out? | read

12/10/15 // CoupleDumb

This week we get some relationship advice with psychotherapist Elizabeth Reyes-Fournier, author behind the blog CoupleDumb! | listen

11/30/15 // Not My Type Of Woman

So, what’s in a type? Research reveals the failure of online dating in creating truly compatible matches. | read

9/12/15 // Tinder, Roommates, and Open Relationships

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the benefits of having your coupled friends take over your Tinder account. Then, the pair chats about roommates and how the practice impacts Millennials. The show wraps with an analysis of why women are more likely to propose open relationships… | listen

8/22/15 // College, Sexual Assault, and Tinder

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by taking a look at a list of do's and don'ts for the first week of college in honor of School Week. Then, the pair delves into athlete and celebrity sexual assault charges and reads "Why I choose to believe accusers." The show wraps with an in depth… | listen

7/18/15 // Tinder, Ansari, and 'UnREAL'

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing the recent addition of verified profiles to Tinder. Then, the pair looks into Aziz Ansari's book 'Modern Romance' and the topics that it explores. The show conclues with an in depth discussion on Molly's article regarding the television… | listen

7/11/15 // Names, Bad Advice, and Online Dating

This week on the Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the upswing in babies given gender neutral names. Then, the pair reads through a Bustle piece on love advice from classic literature. The show wraps with a conversation about the cons to online dating. | listen

6/17/15 // Play Me A One Night Stand

Relationship Week - When you’re 22 and you pack a backpack for a post-grad tour through Europe, and your parents ask what one of your major travel priorities is, you probably won’t say “sex.” Travel and sex often go hand in hand; here's how to play it safe and have fun. | read

3/21/15 // The Hash

This week, The Hash covers dating, sexism, and pick up lines. | listen

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