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7/25/17 // Sex Robots Don’t Have to be Bad. Yet They Always Are

Male tech innovators can’t stop innovating ways to violate women and the latest comes from sex robot company 'True Companion.' | read

2/16/17 // Monitoring the Media

In an era of severe media distrust, watchdog organizations like FAIR are holding news outlets accountable to their audiences. | read

7/25/16 // How to Survive a Female Presidency

Is America ready for a female president? Hell no, but we’re gonna be. | read

11/3/15 // Nap Your Way to the Top

Synergy Week - Along with exercise and good nutrition, proper sleep is one of the key components to a healthy and productive lifestyle. This fact is slowly but surely being recognized by the business world, and many companies are adopting revolutionary “sleep on the job” practices. | read

11/6/14 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Cyber Week on BTR! On today's show, Charlie Smith of Great Fire talks about the work of his organization in exposing online censorship by Chinese authorities and complicit corporate media interests. And later, Cora Currier of The Intercept explains how governments are bypassing encryption… | listen

9/4/14 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Binge Week at BTR! On today's show, Molly Freeman of the Hash podcast on BTR chats about her story on the site this week about the origins of binge watching. And later, Providence-based music writer, columnist, and all-around man about town Rob Duguay joins us to talk about ending the Beatles… | listen

6/27/14 // You Do You (And Let Me Help) - Surf Week

An Etsy store succeeds at selling custom clothing for gender nonconforming children. | read

2/17/14 // I Subscribe To Talent - Subscription Week

The battle between old media and new rages on, a synergy of the two the most likely outcome. | read

9/23/13 // Opinion: Sartre Had it Wrong - Orange Is The New Black Week

Why solitary confinement is counterintuitive to correcting criminality. | read

5/3/13 // Opinion: Unaffordable Cost of Living in NYC - Data Week

In Gotham, the cost of living might be the death of you. | read

2/9/13 // A Beginner's Guide to the Cyber Arms Race - Viral Week

Everything you need to know about Chinese malware attacks and the escalation of cyber weapons on the internet. | read

1/12/13 // Colonoscopies: A Necessary Pain in the Butt - Health Week

Can you ever be too young to make sure your you-know-what is clean as a whistle? | read

1/7/13 // To Die Or Not To Die? - Health Week

Differing approaches to end of life scenarios, including the realistic possibility of abject immortality. | read

10/25/12 // Fucked in Park Slope - "Slope Residents Hold Anti-Chicken Meeting: Are you clucking serious?!"

Jessica from Fucked in Park Slope illustrates a community meeting on chickens. | read

10/21/12 // Businesses Buying into Apps - App Week

How businesses can further connect with their audiences through apps. | read

10/13/12 // Tracking Tweets - Poll Week

How Twitter's Twindex is providing political polls for the president race. | read

9/9/12 // The Bane of the Unpaid Internship- Free Week

What do students gain from unpaid internships in the media and entertainment industries? | read

9/7/12 // Modern Slavery- Free Week

The truth and rhetoric surrounding America's prison system both in the news and in hip-hop. | read

9/2/12 // Bike Lanes and Balance- Bike Week

How New York City's landscape and attitudes are changing with the addition of new bike lanes | read

7/28/12 // A Word With Richard O'Connor- Producer Week

The director of Ace & Son Moving Picture Company discusses animation production. | read

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