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5/18/17 // Week of 05/18/17

December Beaches are bit crushed 909s, spoken word samples, African jazz catalogue, a love of house & a really funky bassline! | listen

4/20/17 // Week of 04/20/17

The A.L.V.O. returns with another hip-hop colored album, Impact! A genuine collaboration of the French atypical fusion orchestra led by Masta Conga with MC Racecar! | listen

1/26/17 // Scandinavia Falls Off the Pedestal

Sweden and Denmark, who are often described by liberals as utopian countries, have been transformed right before our eyes. | read

1/5/17 // Week of 01/05/17

Fela Kuti’s ‘Government Chicken Boy,’ is about obedient followers of authority. This half-hour original version has ominous horns & chants. | listen

12/29/16 // New Year's Traditions Around the World

From Russia's Father Frost, Finland's molten tin, and South American yellow undies, BTRtoday takes a look at some of the different NYE traditions from around the world. | read

11/13/16 // World's Most Expensive Chip

I never thought I’d see the day when the potato chip, one of the least fussy and most delicious foods out there, would become a luxury good...but it's happening! | read

10/27/16 // Week of 10/27/16

12 member strong team of top instrumentalists, Music Is The Weapon, is the Nordic response to the brash message and sound of Fela Kuti! | listen

7/22/16 // Karma Police

Swedish pop duo Roxette has been releasing quality pop music for decades. They shift with the times but stay true to their vision, and the duo's new album "Good Karma" is no exception. BTRtoday speaks to Demi Lovato/Kesha guitarist Max Bernstein about this undeniable force for good. | read

5/2/16 // College Tuition Abroad

This week we explore college tuition and education in different parts of the world! | listen

7/17/15 // Artist Profile: Jonathan Josefsson’s Rugs

Experimental artist Jonathan Josefsson reinvents the traditional idea of carpets with layered fabrics, creating technicolor gems for everyday use. He chats with BTR about the process and philosophy behind his artistic rugs. | read

4/3/15 // Summer Heart at the BTRhouse in Austin, TX

Swedish duo Summer Heart are one of those bands where their name tells you exactly what they sound like. They make sunny, nostalgic, catchy, dreamy, dancy, hazy pop songs that evoke memories of... well, perhaps a summer romance -- perfect to put on a mix put together for a new crush. The guys… | watch

2/22/15 // BTR Eatopia

Hanabi travelled to the land of ice and snow to eat all the Norse offerings. Highlights of the trip include delicious hot dogs at Maxi-Grillen in Stockholm, Nordisk Brodhus for breakfast in Copenhagen and a spirited attempt to visit Mission Taco in Oslo. So much good food and adventure, gentle… | listen

12/31/14 // Sleep in Ice

New Year’s Week - Unique accommodations are built each year out of ice and snow. | read

12/21/14 // Living Under Auroras

Winter Week - A family that chases auroras together, stays together. | read

6/23/14 // - Marching Band

The Swedish indie-pop band bringing their sound to TV or Japan. | read

6/13/14 // Alice Boman

Alice Boman has the kind of voice that creeps up on you, which may sound dramatic, but so does her music, so it fits. Beautiful, haunting, and with an impossible warmth, this Swedish songwriter has a hazy aura that's completely mesmerizing. On her recent US tour, she stopped by to introduce us to… | watch

5/6/14 // Thus Owls

Thus Owls is a transatlantic band centered around husband and wife duo Erika and Simon Angell. Originally an outlet for Erika's songs in her home country of Sweden, meeting and falling in love with Simon's music on tour ultimately led to the pair being married and living together in Montreal.… | watch

3/11/14 // Icy Cooperative Learning - Co-op Week

UArctic unites educational institutes for cooperative studies. | read

3/6/14 // In the Echo Chamber: Australian Missionary's Release From North Korea

An Australian missionary is released from North Korea. | read

1/26/14 // The Ball & Chain Industry - Empire Week

If you can't default on your graduate degree, then how is paying off student debt different than corporate serfdom? | read

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