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12/19/17 // Kristyna and Marek Milde

Kristyna and Marek Milde are Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artists and curators, originally from Prague, Czech Republic, working together as a collaborative tandem since 2011. | listen

10/10/17 // Christina Massey

Christina Massey a NY-based mixed media artist whose work explores her interest in the preservation of our planet. | listen

7/25/17 // Daniel Lanzilotta

Daniel Lanzilotta is an environmental artist who repurposes plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, flotsam and jetsam into works of art. Daniel is also a private chef who… | listen

5/1/17 // Frontline’s “The Fish on My Plate”

Paul Greenberg joins us to discuss his book and new Frontline documentary, “The Fish on my Plate.” Also, Nick Pinto joins us to talk more about the Fearless Girl, and catching up on listener… | listen

7/15/16 // Sustainability On The Road

Everything form solar panel mounting hardware and instructions to keeping yourself sane on the open plain. | listen

5/19/16 // Sustainability Theories

We discuss sustainability theories and practices within the field of ecological economics. | listen

5/17/16 // What Does Evolution Got To Do With It?

In collaboration with evolutionary biologists, we learn how Professor Gowdy focuses on the evolution of economic systems. | listen

5/16/16 // Ecological Economics

We speak with John Gowdy, the recipient of the Herman Daly Award for contributions to ecological economics, about the evolving field. | listen

4/28/16 // When Insects Become A Delicacy

An interview with filmmaker Andreas Johnsen and his colleague, chef and researcher Roberto Flore, on their new documentary on the sustainable benefits of insect cuisine, BUGS. | read

11/25/15 // A More Sustainable NYC

Reid Capalino coordinates and advises the firm’s work on behalf of companies seeking to make New York City more resilient and sustainable. | listen

11/6/15 // Factors That Lead to Decline

Part 2 of our interview with Matthias Ruth on NASA-sponsored study that points to the interrelated factors that cause human civilizations to collapse. | listen

8/19/15 // Food on College Campuses

At this point in time, the stereotype that food on college campuses is a joke still holds up for many. Tons of schools are serving mass-produced food to their students, and plenty of these same colleges and universities even offer fast food from chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Wendy’s. | read

6/25/15 // Crippling Dependence

We look at the crippling dependence of Puerto Rico on US currency and goods. | listen

6/25/15 // Crippling Dependence

We look at the crippling dependence of Puerto Rico on US currency and goods. | listen

5/12/15 // Aiming for Zero

Hazards Week - Could following a zero-waste lifestyle be the secret to combating America’s growing trash issue? BTR speaks with some environmentally conscious individuals about their lifestyle techniques. | read

4/23/15 // Lifestyle: Grow Your Furniture

Full Grown, a British furniture company, reimagines production from the ground up. Gavin Munro, founder of Full Grown, talks about his plans to grow furniture using different types of trees. | read

3/13/15 // The Menu for Mars Supper Club

This supper club researches and taste tests menus for possible meals on the Red Planet. | read

1/23/15 // Sew & Tell

One of the time-honored New Year fashion traditions is, of course, the wardrobe overhaul. Join me today with my guest Greta Eagan - sustainable style expert, author of Wear No Evil, founder of Style Society and curator of FASHIONmeGREEN - as she shares some invaluable practical pointers that will… | listen

11/24/14 // Reaching Capacity

Stuffed Week - Can the Earth support 12 billion people? | read

5/2/14 // Sew & Tell

A year after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, how much change have we seen within the industry? For this week’s Connection theme on Sew & Tell, I speak with Juliette Donatelli, founder and editor of the sustainability-focused website spades + siLK, about the intimate connections… | listen

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