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10/4/17 // Vanessa // Going Down Death Road

In this episode, ​Vanessa recounts the most dangerous thing she has ever done, traveling down the "Death Road" in Bolivia by bike. She shares what the experience was like and gives advice for people… | watch

9/27/17 // Faith // Cutting Off Hair For A Crush

In this episode, Faith shares the most outrageous thing she’s done to impress someone -- shaving her head -- and what she learned from the experience.   Music featured in this episode: "Hype"… | watch

9/20/17 // Ayanda // Realizing Friends Were Trump Supporters

In this episode, Ayanda shares what it was like to find out that some of her friends were Trump supporters. She explains what Donald Trump represents to her and the effect of his presidency on her… | watch

9/13/17 // Daniel // Arrested For Dealing Drugs

In this episode, Daniel talks about the most difficult time he's experienced: his drug dealing arrest. He shares what led him to dealing drugs, how dealing changed him, and what's been happening in… | watch

9/6/17 // Frank // The Baddest 72 Year Old in New York

In this episode, Frank proves that he’s the most badass 72 year old in New York by sharing tales of his adventures as a New York City cab driver before running out to meet his much younger… | watch

8/23/17 // Robert // Manning Up

In this episode, Robert shares the most difficult experience he ever went through: being kicked out of his house by his parents. He talks about what led up to that point, how he handled the situation,… | watch

8/16/17 // Latishe // Learning To Love Herself

In this episode, Latishe reminisces about a relationship that started purely based on physical attraction and how, during that time, she realized how important it is to be true to yourself. She also… | watch

8/9/17 // Eòghan // Teaching Gaelic In Scotland

In this episode, Eòghan shares his reasons for teaching Gaelic, the native language of Scotland. He also reflects on his experience as an educator and what he’s learned over the… | watch

8/2/17 // Regina // Napping Tiger, Hidden Child

In this episode, Regina recalls how she used to dress up in costumes when she was younger, including one particular occasion when, while dressed as a tiger, her mother thought she was… | watch

7/26/17 // Mary // Returning To New York For Fashion

In this episode, Mary talks about how a trip to New York led to a change in goals and a career in fashion. She also shares some insight for anyone who wants to move to New York City.   Music… | watch

7/19/17 // Tomi // On Growing Up

In this episode, Tomi talks about turning 21 and shares why she thinks that milestone birthday is overrated and which birthday she is looking forward to instead.   Music featured in the… | watch

7/12/17 // Henry // Visited By The Cops As A Kid

In this episode, Henry recalls how he used to fight with his sister when he was younger and how one such fight led to the cops knocking on his front door. He shares how he felt in that moment and how… | watch

7/5/17 // Ashley // Inspired By A Breakup

In this episode, Ashley recounts her experience of moving to New York City and getting involved in a serious relationship very quickly -- maybe too quickly? She also shares what she learned from that… | watch

6/28/17 // Lea // Faking It For Love

In this episode, Lea shares the story of a relationship that stemmed from a moment where she was acting like someone other than herself. She also offers her advice for anyone that is unsure of how… | watch

6/21/17 // Jeffrey // Jailed in China

In this episode, Jeffrey shares the story of how he was arrested and jailed in China before the 2008 Olympics. He recounts the events leading up to his arrest and the lie he invented during… | watch

6/14/17 // Yvonne // Scary Taxi Encounter in Romania

In this episode, Yvonne recounts the two scariest moments in her life, which both took place while traveling in different countries and how the situations were resolved. She also offers her point of… | watch

6/9/17 // Ep 9 // Fake News and ‘Wonder Woman’

This week, we welcome back contributors Ester Steinberg and Matt Ruby to discuss the ongoing issue of so-called “Fake News”. Also, Charles Hinshaw returns to discuss the new movie, Wonder Woman,… | listen

6/7/17 // Jose // Getting Robbed in Arkansas

In this episode, Jose recounts the time he was robbed in Arkansas while on a trip. He shares what he was feeling in the moment and what he learned from that experience. Music featured in the episode:… | watch

5/31/17 // Bruce //Almost Drowning in Lake Tahoe - 1st Person [ep32]

Bruce reminisces about a childhood trip to Lake Tahoe in which he, his sister and a friend attempted to swim across before realizing it would be impossible. He also shares the thoughts he had after… | watch

5/24/17 // Alice // Remembering Her First Crush

​In this episode, Alice talks about her first crush and, consequently, her first romantic letdown before getting to how she and her current boyfriend got together. Alice also offers advice on how to… | watch

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