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7/13/17 // John Knefel // Leaker Exposes Election Vulnerabilities

John Knefel offers his take on the importance of the information leaked by NSA contractor Reality Winner that revealed how successful Russian spies actually were in penetrating local and state voter… | watch

2/16/17 // John Knefel on Mar-a-Lago As A Spy's Paradise

John Knefel is one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Here, in the third episode of the new weekly video spinoff series about politics and… | watch

10/16/15 // How I Spent My Spy Vacation

Bond Week - The unique history behind James Bond series writer Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate may be a mystery to many. The Goldeneye estate and other tourist destinations offer a taste of the secret-agent experience. | read

8/1/14 // Stone Age Solutions to Surveillance - Age Week

Germany's counterespionage strategy for NSA surveillance means going back to using typewriters. | read

7/12/14 // Radical Islam’s Digital Offensive - Social Week

How ISIS wages war over social media and the international backlash against it. | read

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