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1/15/18 // Summer Camp For Adults

Time to get your tickets for the 18th annual Summer Camp Music Festival! | listen

8/3/17 // Get Ready to Swoon for L.A. Salami

Lovesick London-based singer/songwriter L.A. Salami performs with such passion you can’t help but feel all the feels for him. He has looks, style and a dangerously adorable British accent. | read

8/10/16 // A Lonely Fuzz Star

And once again, it's Overnight Sensation on BTRtoday, here to bring you the latest from the deep underground of lo-fi, homerecorded artpop music. There's so much good stuff, you don't even know. Stuff… | listen

8/1/16 // CHILLEMI

Dreamy aesthetics, sultry sounds, and soothing vocals all come to mind when you listen to the 1960s inspired folk tunes by the NYC-based musician CHILLEMI. Hear his new EP here before it’s released! | read

7/22/16 // Andrew Keoghan

Say hello to the New Zealander of your ‘80s synth dreams! The L.A.-based songwriter, Andrew Keoghan, is bringing back the smoke and mirrors of the ‘80s in the best way possible. | read

6/22/16 // Crap Culture

Ripping through some summer faves in this set. Starts off light 'n' poppy with tracks from MAZES, THE 6THS, MARINE GIRLS, and more! The back half gets a bit darker and stranger courtesy of CASE STUDIES, NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY, etc etc. Good stuff, IMO, and you're gonna think so too. | listen

5/13/16 // Troy

On the spirit of creation and singing beauty through the darkness of loss. | read

1/22/16 // NO ICE

BTR sits down with Jamie Frey, formerly of The Brooklyn What, to chat about his new project No Ice and their upcoming album. | read

10/30/15 // Zen Anton

Zen Anton is a songwriter who cuts straight to the marrow. His music carries an honesty that shrugs in the face of vulnerability, bearing all for the listener--who might struggle to disentangle the bones from guitar strings. It’s clear that this form of storytelling is a part of him, and that… | read

10/7/15 // Mostly 90s Indiepop

This week we look back at some indiepop favorites from bygone eras. Look forward to timeless hits from The No-No's, Elf Power, Mirah, The Lucksmiths, and of course lots of Rose Melberg tunes. This is why we're the #1 program on BTR you'll NEVER hear about on our Facebook page! | listen

9/28/15 // Week of 09/28/15

Today we are spinning the 10 most played artists on BTR for the week of October 28, 2015. Enjoy! | listen

9/8/15 // Richmond, Virginia

For the month of September, Spotlight on the City will feature Richmond, Virginia. You'll hear from over 17 bands and artists, including The Hot Seats, The Moonbees, The Trillions, Lobo Marino and more! | listen

8/7/15 // Week of 08/07/2015

Hello again! It's me DJ Patrick K! I've got a lovely Rock Show for you this week, featuring new tunes from Blind Shake, Ghost Ease, Titus Andronicus, and more! Plus a few more cool ones from a the past few months. Check it out! | listen

6/10/15 // Alone Music

This week's show is a bit more on the quiet, laid-back side of things. Mostly lo-fi, lonely singer-songwriter music, some new stuff, some new stuff, some old stuff. Lots of static and acoustic guitar. It's a good mix! | listen

5/22/15 // Little Lapin

If ever there was an artist capable of convincing you to “Remember The Highs”, it’s UK singer-songwriter Lucy Hill. BTR caught up Hill, who performs under the moniker Little Lapin, to chat about what has changed for her since her last Tune Up feature a year ago. | read

5/18/15 // Discovery Corner on BTR

Weaving electronic lullabies and finding love in the heart of nature | listen

4/20/15 // Discovery Corner on BTR

Getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others | listen

4/17/15 // Rylan Stowe

New Jersey-based songwriter Rylan Stowe talks to BTR about changing band lineups, 2015 plans, and his songwriting process. Stowe also offers some insight into the inspiration for songs off his most recent EP. | read

4/1/15 // Overnight Sensation

Keeping it low and slow this week. But it's not a downer set, just a nice, relaxed vibe all the way thru. So get ready to chill out! Lo-fi "singer-songwriter" hits from Ahsraya Gupta, Dogs Only Gorgon Head, Boyhood, and so many more... | listen

2/27/15 // Brika

BTR chats with rising star Brika about the inspiration behind 'Voice Memos.' | read

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