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5/3/17 // Naya // Being A Twin

In this episode, Naya shares what it is like to be a twin. She discusses some of the benefits as well as some of the misconceptions people may have about what it can be like to have an identical… | watch

4/14/17 // RÉN

Reneé Orshan, a.k.a. RÉN (pronounced rain), is a confident, feminine, indie goddess from New York. She has a stage presence that radiates power as she swings her golden Lorde-esque mane to the beat. | read

4/12/17 // Ali // Tricking Her Siblings

In this episode, Ali talks about what it was like to be the oldest sister growing up. She shares stories of sibling rivalry and the initiation pranks she pulled after convincing her younger brother… | watch

10/13/11 // How Siblings Affect Music Taste - Siblings Week

BTR's Audrey Nyarko reflects on growing up as the youngest in a family of five that grew up in West Africa, and how that affected her taste in music. | read

10/12/11 // A Word With Casey and Jake Hanner - Siblings Week

A word with a pair of siblings from Pennsylvanian indie rock trio Donora. | read

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