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4/20/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on Ivanka Feminism

Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays and we go deep on Ivanka and Lean In feminism. Also, John checks in on North Korea. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

4/12/14 // The Hash

This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane rip into a Return of Kings article called "Most Women Don't Deserve a Good Man." Then, the pair chats about Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy campaign. Later, the show wraps with a discussion about white feminism and what it really means. You can find more BTR… | listen

4/4/14 // BreakThru News, Ep. 5: #BanBossy

A new promotional campaign calls into question how we treat girls and whether bossiness the same as leadership. | read

3/20/14 // #banbossy

Lean In, an organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg to encourage the empowerment of women, has partnered with the Girl Scouts of America and over a dozen other partners in a campaign to “ban ‘bossy.’” The campaign suggests that assertive young girls are labeled as “bossy,” while boys… | watch

5/7/12 // Queens of the Internet - Women's Week

What role are women playing in this new 21st century world? | read

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